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Post-Halloween Donations

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It's the time of year where KoN accepts non-solicited donations from all players! Check out the post-Halloween sales and see what neat things you can find. Bring your receipts and you'll get XP (1XP/$10 spent). If you have any questions, post them here.

What we're looking for and NOT looking for:


- Multiples of masks are far more useful than singles. If we have multiples of the same masks, we can create a monster for it.

- We prefer latex or rubber masks to hard plastic masks as they last longer.

- We prefer masks that have a decent field of vision or a mask that will allow us to modify the mask to improve the field of vision.

- Nothing easily identifiable as a character from popular culture (i.e. Bane, Predator, Iron Man, etc.), cartoonish, or modern.



- Things like crowns, tiaras, diadems, circlets, are great and difficult to find the rest of the year.

- Should not be modern, plastic, or cartoonish.

- Nothing fabric, as costumes tend to be made of cheap, flimsy material that's not appropriate for our purposes.



- Proths such as elf ears, warts, witch noses, wounds, etc. are great and we can always use more.

- Anything unique/odd/cool that we could find a use for.

- No make-up kits.



- Body parts

- Anything unique/odd/cool that fits with our setting and would be useful/creepy.



- Period appropriate shawls, scarves, belts, hats, etc.

- Period appropriate bags or pouches (no zipper, made of canvas or leather, etc.)

- Period appropriate skirts

- Period appropriate pants(no zipper, cargo pockets, etc.)

- No mass-produced Halloween costumes

- No shoes, please.

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Ok - Got GOOD sight, I do... but damn woman, could you type that smaller? ;-)

*zooms in*

Edit: channel yoda I must



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The forums upgrade re-kajiggered my old posts to tiny font.  I'll see if I can edit to make it more legible. 


FIXED!  =)

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