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The El Cairn Wants Reggie

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(Micah Posts this on every cabin in Pinedale)


Cairnhold came to town offering a truce. They would not attack Pinedale nor the surrounding 5 miles of farmland except in the direction towards Cairnhold by the lake. Instead of wanting the towns people who attacked them in their territory they want Reggie. The Towns folk immediately rejected this. I am looking to hold a conversation about this over the next few months. I have gained us until the frost begins to thaw to present our answer. Reggie is aware of this and has been instructed to find other ways to bring peace.


If you wish to discuss this with me over the next few months please visit me at the "Owl & Ore General Store" I plan on having a meeting April 1st at 10pm for everyone to weigh in. If you are not able to make that meeting please write me something to be read at this meeting.


Best Wishes,


Master Gem Merchant of Pinedale



(Feel free to PM me on the forums or on Facebook)

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