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Owl & Ore: General Store

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(OOC: This will become the hub for all public information posted for the Owl and Ore. There is also a bulletin board that is put out on the porch so if you wish, any notices that you post on here can also have physical representation at the shop.)


A Crimson Courier approaches the porch of the Owl and Ore and takes a letter out of his bag. Taking a few free pins from the cork board hanging on the front he tacks up the letter than continues about town delivering the rest of his letters.


I, Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker, with my Pilgrimage done and receiving my title of manhood from my tribe I will be returning back to Pinedale this coming weekend. To celebrate my appropriating the title Talas and my own birthday I will be baking cake and cookies for all who wish to partake in them on Saturday around the time of both the midday and afternoon lay lines pluses at the Owl & Ore. I wish to see as many of my friends as I can from this town that has helped me learn and achieve success in my pilgrimage and celebrate the community that this town brings together.

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Yhu Spragg wanders back into Pinedale, recently back from gersh, dragging a cart laden with goods, clearly tired.


He tacks a woodblock printed flyer onto the board, it reads:



Spragg Snacks!

Try them all at the owl and Ore!

Breakfast consists of Vlean Toast and Sausages!

Lunch and Dinner consists of Meat on a stick and Mandu!

Available all day: Emotion Potions, Plum candy, Peppero and more!


scribing services also available


(Dietary notes:

Vlean toast is french toast made of eggs, wheat bread, and a side of standard table syrup

Emotion potions are an all natural sugar based soda which contains no artificial flavours, no high fructose corn syrup, and no artificial colorings

Mandu is Korean dumpling, contains wheat products

Peppero is sugar, wafer, and chocolate based)


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Micah opens the shop and rings the gong and yells "Ore and Ore General Store is open for Business!"


On the tables the lists of his wares lay.



Albative Armor

Anti-Magic Shield

Aura of Reflection



Dispel Magic




Ghastly Visage

Heal Mortal Wound

Improved Magic Armor



Magic Armor

Magic Lock

Magic Swarm

Memory Loss

Mind Blank


Poison Immunity

Purify Spirit

Reap Spirit

Restore Limb


Second Breath




Spirit Shield



Shadow Skin


Ritual Components:






Potions, Oils, & Alchemy:


Buzzer Honey


Diagnosis (Oil)

Enchant Shield (Oil)

Grip of Darkness

Grounding Wire

Hand of Death

Madweed Extract

Magic Lock (Oil)

Mend Armor (Oil)

Ogre Extract

Purify Spirit


Scorpion's Kiss



Tanglefoot Bag



Truth Serum

Vial of Acid


Yebbing Powder



Spirit Shield 1/gd

Grounding 2/gd

Sanctuary 1/gd

Heal Mortal Wound 1/gd

Nature Immunity



Magic Strike 2/gd

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Dren approaches and makes a formal anouncement....

A Chieftain of the Oxblood Tribe of the Dellin Tribelands will be making a personal visit in the near future to begin trade with Maplewood.

I've ensured him safe travel, through Germinas and through private paths on the border, such that we can provide his people with foodstuffs, alchemical weaponry, armament, and other supplies in exchange for pelts and coin.


The Trans-Novitas Trading Company offers this knowledge as a gift to the merchants of Maplewood, as many of you also partake in association with my establishment. May further trade routes open up so that our new home may prosper.


I bid thee farewell.

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