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So you want to be on Plot & Continuity...

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We could use some fresh blood in the Plot & Continuity working group.


What do we do?

Good question! We write plots for shifts, we are responsible for overarching themes and story, and we hold the keys for the lore system.


How do I join?

Like most any other working group: just ask. You can PM me on the forums or on Facebook.


How do I know I have what it takes?

Ask yourself: Do I want to write plot? Do I want to contribute to the world through story? Do I want to add to the game with minimal expenditure of free time? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, Plot & Continuity could be the working group for you!


What would I need to do?

It's expected that you'll write 3-5 plots per game to help out shift GMs, but not required. It's expected that you'll help answer lore requests, but not required. It's expected that you'll make it to Plot & Continuity meetings whether in person or video conference, but not required. It is expected you will help with world-building, but not required. That being said, the more you do the more XP you accrue and while not required to do any of the aforementioned things, if you're not doing one of those things sometimes you might just get booted from the group.


Any more questions?

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If you'll have me, this sounds like the best place for me to be useful to the game currently (given my time restrictions and love of daydreaming about fun plot ideas).

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