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Winter Sleeping in Maplewood

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As the game shifts to a year-round schedule at our new location, a talk about wintertime sleeping is due.


First, this only really pertains to the January-April events. There isn't a December event anymore, and the rest of the year it's not dangerously cold. It might be uncomfortably cold for some people, but no one's going to die of hypothermia when it's 40 or 45 at night.


Second, if it's just too cold for you, then move! No one's under any obligation to tough it out - particularly if there's a real cold snap one weekend. Go move into Logistics, or if that's too full, in the winter months you can sleep in Fern Lodge. HOWEVER, Fern Lodge is only available for sleeping between 1 AM and 10 AM. There are cubbies in the two side rooms to put your stuff in, but any stuff that doesn't fit into a cubbie needs to be OUT of there by 10 AM on Saturday, because those rooms are an in-game in-character location while game is on. You can sleep there, but you can't live there - those rooms should not look like someone lives there. Also, if it's cold enough for you to want to sleep there, chances are the inn will be a very busy place during game shifts. Don't expect to have access to your stuff stored in those rooms all the time. Honestly, the parking lot is very close to Fern; I'd just move my stuff to my car during the day if I was gonna sleep in Fern in the wintertime.


Third, if you just really need heated comfort to get through the cold, please consider grabbing a room at the Best Western in Tully. :)/> Split two (or four) ways a room there is very reasonable.


If you're sleeping in Mark Lodge (Logistics) then just keep doing that. It's heated. Done.


If you're a tent-dweller the rest of the year, I've got bad news: the tents come down immediately after our November event, and don't go back up until before our May game, so for the first four months of the year, you've gotta move. Downstairs in Logistics, the side rooms in Fern, whatever you prefer.


If you're a cabin-dweller, this is where the fun starts. Recall that, if you requested a cabin for your group, one of the conditions was that you make an honest attempt at year-round occupancy. Fortunately, this should be a lot easier than it was in VK's log cabins. The buildings are already weathertight and leak-free, and there aren't huge gaps between the logs. We also still have a half-dozen propane heaters, which is enough for all the 8-man cabins. If you live in a 4-man, you're going to have to be responsible for your own heat right now. That said, they're uninsulated and have these huge screen windows in the roof peaks.


Long-term, we're going to bring up the idea of insulating those cabins, but there are a bunch of considerations (moisture, cost, etc.) with the project, and we can't just staple up pink batting and panel over it. Short-term, Operations is going to be up at Hoover real early in November, with a band saw and sheets of foam board insulation. We're going to measure and cut foam triangles to fit snugly into the screened openings in the cabins, which should make them at least as good as the old VK cabins used to be. That said, here's what you should do to make your cabin inhabitable over the winter.


++ Heaters. You need one. As I said above, the game has a high-efficiency propane heater for each of the six 8-man cabins. Dwellers of those cabins will need to get propane; we already have 20 pound tanks for them, you just need to run into Tully and exchange them. They will run over 16 hours on a single tank, and since the local convenience store is open 24 hours (unlike Vella's in Cleveland was) you can exchange at midnight if you need to. If you need instruction in how to use the heater, please contact Operations and we'll help. If you're in a 4-man, I suggest one of these: https://www.amazon.com/Dyna-Glo-TT15CDGP-Liquid-Propane-Heater/dp/B0044R8Y4Y . Split four ways that's very reasonable, and I suspect a 20 pound tank will last the entire weekend.


++ Bedding - and lots of it! Winter-rated sleeping bags, blankets (remember, blankets work best in layers, just like clothes), and a sleeping cap to keep your head warm are all recommended.


++ Insulation. At least, put a heavy curtain over the doors. Carpets on the floors will also help trap heat.


And that's really all you should need!

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The link to the 4-man heater you suggested does not work.


Sorry, the forum software appended the period to the URL. It's fixed now.

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