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Sta's Sundries

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Welcome to Stan's Sundries, roving shop at large, owned & operated by Stan The Bard!


As some of you may be aware, I will be continuing to offer disposable/flexible feastware kits, in wooden bowl, fork, and spoon sets. Each set can be yours for only 1 silver - think of the convenience! No dishes need to be done with your new kit, and no need to pack it up in your house between gatherings, since you can simply buy new when needed!


I am currently also offering blue component strips for 1 coin a piece - think of all the extra spells to be stored, or doors that need securing!




I'm looking forward to offering new and fun additional items as time goes on as well. Generally I find myself out in the afternoon & late evenings, but you can always find me earlier in the week as well, if you are more active in the mornings. (OOC: presale sets will be available during sign in, if you want to use them before shifts 3-4 when Stan is a PC.)

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