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Ryan Staring

Best of November

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I want to hear what made this event awesome for you! There were a TON of new PCs out there too, so what do you guys think about your first time out in the world?

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1. Weather

2. New people

3. New staff

4. Weather

5. Bardic circle in Merchant Town

6. Whores ;)

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Buzzers!!! Holy crap were there nice people trying to help us buzzers!!! (might have gotten lost a few times, but still!!!)

A kick ass tent which was really really well decorated.

Getting to do a play for people. THAT! WAS!! SOOOOOOO!!!!! AWESOMEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(not that I'm excited or anything)



Lady Vinyl

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+A very active 1st shift run by Rob.

+A very awesome 2nd shift thanks to my NPCS.

+Chumming it up with my fellow Dellin women, Kiara and Lemons, as Autumn.

+Hilarity around spirit juice and whore calling around the fire.

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In no particular order...




Out with a large group of skeletons on first shift... we're wandering around in the woods, mostly getting lost. Our fearless leader says, "Not this again" and turns around (we'd gotten disoriented earlier playing hungry rats). Tiff and I are dallying toward the back of the pack because I thought it was the same area I lost my glove. The group turns around and troops past us, and there's this thing standing right where the group turned around. The weird... glowy... metal ... thing... silently began creeping towards us. Hiss at Tiffany, "WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?!" Attempt not to pee pants, grab Tiff and go to follow the rest of the skeletons. Was promptly slaughtered. Laying on the ground, staring at the stars, contemplating how peaceful it is being a dead skeleton and wondering HOW THE EFF DID THE ENTIRE GROUP OF SKELETONS MISS HIM?




Going out as a Dryad and getting a tagbag to the chest from the first rude druid I ran into.


Me: Hello good sir, I am in need of some assistance.

Him: Do you now?

Me: *sidling up close* I need a new home...*bats eyes* My grove is underwater and I must find a new one.

Me: *Tagbag to the chest* Wha...?

HIM: "Command nature - go that way and look for a grove".

Me: *glare*

Me: *look at Birchley (my Treeman) and see him get a tagbag to the chest too*

Me: *stomp off*

Me: *Got to the first patch of sunlight and yelled* "THIS IS NOT A PRETTY GROVE" and hear "KEEP WALKING" float back. Treeman Birchley laughing his ass off and me grumpy about getting all painted up and accomplishing doo doo.


After I went back to logistics and reported in, I went back out after 10 minutes to find a REAL grove (that jerk).... A sweet purple haired lady directed me to a place called "Elftown". En route, Birchley and I found a lovely group of strong men to guide and protect me. The grove was PERFECT. It's a pity the men were pulled away, we would have made a beautiful family. *grin*




Playing Three Dragon Ante and accidentally making the buy in 13 gold per person. OOPS! Winning it all back next hand *mwahahahaha*




Tits and I going out together as NPCs in love looking for a Septon to marry us. ( Septim? No, Amy.... Septon. Septum? NO AMY SEPTON). Perfect excuse for us to start making out at every opportunity. Realizing neither of us named ourselves until after starting the first interaction. ("Wait.... what's your name?" "Oh, hi, I'm Josie. *proceed to make out*).




Tiff's applecrisp in logistics. holy crap that came out yummy.




Gorgeous weather!!!!




Watching the Fall High Fae character coming together. The costuming and makeup were GORGEOUS.




Going out with my "brothers" to Final Rite Elderwoman Emma. I think every PC on the shift came flying over. Scared the shit out of me. Y'know - I didn't even swing or engage them before they freaking killed me. I woke back up when someone first aided me and healed me. I was kneeling on the ground watching the PC group final rite my brother. Honestly people, it was JUSTICE. Weigh the options - no one has disarmed me... there's probably fifteen to twenty characters surrounding me and they're pissy enough to final rite my brother. Eff This Shit. Realized NO ONE was paying attention. Silently put my lantern down and walked away. I tried sneaking off the path to hide, but someone NOTICED. SHIT. Fed them a line of bull and resumed walking away. I hear, "Wait... what? WAIT THERE WAS A GIRL!" and TAKE OFF RUNNING. I think I was outside of merchant town sitting off the path watching shadows of people walking by for a good fifteen or twenty minutes before I decided to woosh back to logistics.




The night sky was simply incredible. Being outside of all the light pollution from cities and towns makes it so much easier to see the stars. And there were tons of shooting stars this weekend.

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Spending the day with my fellow Dellin women was awesome! Spirit juice and whore calling. Downside to being a nice person and staff is that every single time I could have made money this event, I allowed the level 1 PC's to go on the plot. I'm so broke, but it was nice to see everyone having fun.

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1. I was thrilled to get to play a buzzer again. Twice actually! During both first shift and third. Sorry/not sorry for strolling through your funeral rite with my buzzer sisters while buzzing Row, Row, Your Boat in an off-key round. Same to the various people we chased and swarmed in our pursuit for the queen. I liked picking flowers and singing with guys in armor and the queen during the buzzer reprise. The light-hearted, cheery roles, mainly the buzzers and the carnival barker, were good changes of pace for me. I really started getting into the carnie's character and developing the role. The combat of the tournament was exciting.


2. Since I NPC'd the whole game, I also was impressed with the amount of corpses in various stages that I got to play. I played three monster victims, and three undead. I got to hear some amazing roleplay happen when I was laying around in a blood-soaked torn gown and playing a Kazvac victim, and when I got mauled earlier by a werewolf for running slow and my npc comrades found me and gave a tearful reaction to the fact the PCs weren't showing up. The person who screamed "SNAKE," in the first one, I got the reference, and almost broke character.


3.I also played Schrodinger's hostage during forth shift, in which after an amazingly inventive bomb plot (seriously, props for the bomb prop), the impressive mass of PCs who responded to the hook argued with me out-of-character that, no, despite what the other NPC said, I hadn't actually gotten blown up. Regardless, the scene was pretty epic for all actors involved. I also figured out that the lead kidnapper would cast ley lines as soon as you revived her, and I still found it hilarious when she did even though I was still acting out crying, shaking and being very traumatized at the time. I'm happy I got a total cry role since I haven't had a good cry larp in a few years.


4. I liked being another plot orc and an elemental. This time, I was an orc caddy who literally ended up rolling in the woods upon death, but fortunately, I got found. I'm pretty amused that It took about thirty minutes of preparation for a water elemental encounter which ended after thirty seconds. My eyebrows were still pretty blue for a day. This was a new role for me, though, so it was fully worth it.


5. Chanting was also fun. Whether it was Friday's undead versus orc chant-off resulting from a bunch of tired NPCs, or Darkness cult chanting while we tried to lure the PCs to a ritually sacrificed constable, I liked chanting. Nothing like feeling part of a group.


6. The sky was very beautiful and I was so happy it didn't rain this time. I had a great time running, singing, dancing, skipping, sobbing, screaming, shambling, chanting, giggling, fighting, and dying under the wonderful starlit sky. I almost fell a sleep to the drone of people calling their attacks during the last undead fight.


7.All-in-all: BRAINSNOX

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Shift 1: First time Gming more than 6 characters. Thanks everyone for helping me fill in small details/ prompts for things that I still don't quite know about Novitas megafauna.

Already have a few plans and recurring npc ideas for next event.


Shift 2:

- Sorin and I held a memorial for a suicided ghosts lost wife who died in the floods, helping him move on.

- Shift 2 ate 90% of my goods.


Shift 3

- Did some adventuring with my new samurai blade, which came in handy against scarecrow, and Kasvak!

- Had some interesting medium conversations with Baevyn


Shift 4

- Cooked food as fin, got creative in the kitchen.

- Got to listen to Rhinos agonize over the eldricht quantum physics of the helix... almost as if they wanted to find a loophole to cover up a murder...

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I was only around for shift 2 and three, but some highlights....


-the bandits serving the new bandit King. We rolled a bunch of PCs, then started to kill each other to become the new bandit King. Most dysfunctional bandits ever.

-skeleton fun. Got to smash some newbies.


-Bringing in my new PC, Captain Zadeth.

-trying to figure out something to sell as a merchant

-being bad at gambling

-in general just being snarky about everything


-avoided fighting all night until the final fight...where I turbo murdered a Nosferatu with a knife.

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1st Shift- I got to play a ghost who's life was taken by adventurers. wailing at the top of my lungs by my corpse was great, especially me running away when other adventurers were just trying to help me. I enjoyed playing the role of a snow goblin trying to sell off an elf's indentured servitude contract to others. it lasted a while and I had some great RP interactions, though the prop nose kept collecting the moisture from my exhaling and drained white paint into my lips, so that was maddening. I was sent back out as the same snow goblin with items to sell (Also fun)


2nd Shift- Bought some donuts and brewed some strong coffee for the players and NPCs. Orc 'o' Clock baby! that was kind fun to do and I enjoyed it. I also played the role of a water elemental that was steamrolled. I was a lost boy, buzz boy, the insect guys who lay eggs in others who was part of a puppet weed.


3rd Shift- Brought out my Snow Goblin, I fought alongside of Octavius and his posse against the bandit kings.. I murdered some skavens as I was walking by. I offered tea to some people. The tea drinking was pleasant and also has me considering putting some points into merchant, selling teas, etc.


4th Shift- It was dark, I had trouble seeing, so I decided to head home early, but not before handing out some energy drinks for the NPCs.


All in all, I wish I stayed for the 4th shift's circus, that would have been fun.

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I most enjoyed:


PC (1st/4th)

-Being a Rhino with Butcher, V, and Marius. (Thank you to Katie and Tammy for my killer makeup.)

-Marius saying "We're not all good," when Butcher looted the body of an unconscious NPC and then killed him.

-Finding the "This is what happens when you help adventurers" note on a body.

-V swindling a snow goblin to buy an indentured servant elf (played with great earnestness by my brother Dave).


-Arguing with Niccolo over my response to Richard's death.

-Small tension with Baldisere.

-Fighting in the carnival tournament and facing Butcher in the second round.

-Slapping Captain Zadeth, who somehow looked familiar and I thought was someone else...

-Not telling the whole truth to a constable about potentially dead sisters that the Rhinos clearly had nothing at all to do with. biggrin.gif

-Fighting in the final battle and defeating the Nosferatu with Zadeth! Woo!


NPC (2nd/3rd)

-Teaching Sorien and Beryl and a few Cloudbank brothers to English Country Dance. "Bringing culture to Maplewood!"

-Being Buzzer Queen. Octavius was so eager to help us! (I was still a bit yellow the next day.)

-Making up a play with Tiffany and the other thespians and performing it. (The elves paid us in rosemary crackers and brie. So classy!)

-Being a hook whose friend was getting eaten by werewolves. Screaming and running was fun.



The food was fantastic. Thank you to everyone who worked the inn!

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