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So I recently received my boots from Mongolia They fit great, are comfy and I can move around well in them. I have noted some things I need to do to improve them to be better suited to LARP in.


1. I am making sure to waterproof them and make sure I add a few layers inside the boot to better keep my feet warm.


2. The picture is misleading, it does not have that tread look to it, but rather is a smooth piece of leather. The shoes can be worn on grassy fields, etc, but that leather can absorb water and can slip around on ice which leads me to my big question.


Does anyone know of a reliable Cobbler I can go to to have rubber tread put on the bottom of my boots to make them safe as well as keep from tearing up the leather soles? I live in Northern New York (Watertown) and I have been looking around, but I feel since you all have lived in the north much longer than myself one or two of you might have received a service from a cobbler at some point for your boots.


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There should be a number of places near Fort Drum that will sole those. All you need is a Vibram sole to be glued on the leather.

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