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Ragnarok 32 (2017) Pre-Reg List

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A bunch of us go to an event called Ragnarok every year. If you've been before you know the deal, if you haven't you may be out of luck. If you haven't been before and want to, get in touch with one of your cairnhold buddies and ask what's up.


This year it's $230 camp fee and pay your own pre-reg, which is probably $75 (also, you need to prereg yourself at http://dagorhirragnarok.com/ You should be able to pick Cairnhold Legion as the camp)


Pre-reg closes at June 6th, 2017 at 11:59 PM, so I guess I want to at least hear from you by June 1st



In this thread I'm going to track who's paid me their Cairnhold Camp Cost™ already.


1. Primarch Ser Dust & Bones (Dan M)

2. Lady Luna (Rachel G)

3. Ghoul Deathwish (Amanda D)

4. Skeleton Banshee (Susan D)

5. Wight Reaper (Dave M)

6. Wight Boggs (Wade K)

7. Wight Arkadis (Leon A)

8. Succubi Grimhildr (Joanna W)

9. Ghoul Minion (Brandon R)

10. Primarch Ser Hivemind Saligia (Dave H)

11. Skeleton Amnesia (Mike B )

12. Succubi-elect Stitches (MaryKate B )

13. Ghoul Morrigan (Denise B )

14. Ghoul Disquiet (Phil B )


Also, these people pre-regged at www.dagorhirragnarok.com already:


1. Primarch Ser Dust & Bones (Dan M)

2. Ghoul Deathwish (Amanda D)

3. Wight Ser Ten Feets (Jordan B )

4. Ghoul Coccyx (Gabe J)

5. Zombie Willow (Brie B )

6. Skeleton Amnesia (Mike B )

7. Succubi-elect Stitches (MaryKate B )

8. Wight Boggs (Wade K)

9. Skeleton Banshee (Susan D)

10 Succubi Skittles (Christina M)

11. Wight Reaper (David M)

12. Wight Arkadis (Leon A)

13. Succubi Grimhildr (Joanna W)

14. Ghoul Minion (Brandon R)

15. Primarch Ser Hivemind Saligia (Dave H)

16. Zombie Rex (Nate B)

17. Zombie Spooky (Kyle E)

18. Skeleton Whiplash (Chris T)

19. Dead Centurion Asscrack (Scott T)

20. Succubi Pox (Kerrie L)

21. Wight Rancid (Pat L)

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