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Ryan Staring

April Preproduction

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Hello Novitas! Please post here or PM Jenica with your pre-production needs for the April event.


Please submit to pre-produce the following:




You will be receiving your numbers prior to event so if you are creating numbered items, post here or PM Kyle (http://www.kingdomso...hp?showuser=575).



Personalized Incants

You have the opportunity to personalize your scroll incants. To do this, post or PM Maggie during the pre-production window and they will be printed for you. Otherwise, you may produce these at sign-in by writing your incant in on scroll template blanks. (This is not required, but is an option.)



Character Retirement

As always, if you are retiring a character you need to contact us ahead of time to arrange the retirement process. Seriously, you need to do this. If you know you are retiring at this event, PM Jenica immediately!



Please submit all pre-production requests by Wednesday, April 5th at Midnight. Any requests after that time will have to be done at sign-in. Thanks!


Please remember the new potion bottle policy and be prepared!


Thank you!

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Production for Ozwaindwel Vankeldin Sen Craftwalker Talas Scholarwalker


Crafting: 20CP+4CP(Master)

24CP: Elven Steel Martial.

Cost: 200Coin


Production: 20PP+5PP(Savant Lab)

3PP: 3 Garlic Paste

2PP: 2 Bug Repelant

20PP: 4 Catholicon

Cost: 20Coin.


Savant's Potion Rack

6 Catholicon.


Total: 220 Coin

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Preproduction for Illivandros Lisandre

Craft Points:

Music Box of Sanctuary - 16cp - 80 coin

Ring of Magic Lock 2/GD - 8cp (4cp + Master Craftsman) - 20 coin


Production Points:

2 Scrolls of Wraithbane - 10pp - 10 coin

1 Scroll of Mind Blank - 5pp - 5 coin

1 Scroll of Panacea - 4pp - 4 coin

1 Ritual Ink - 1pp - 1 coin


Total Owed: 120 coin

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