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Site Use Issues at Hoover

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The Girl Scouts staff has brought a few issues to my attention. Please, let's do our best to address these. It takes effort from everyone.


1. Tagbags. Yes, they're biodegradeable. No, the camp staff doesn't care. If you throw one, pick it up. GMs, try not to send out monsters with tagbags at all at night, and limit both the amount of monsters with them, and the amount of tagbags NPCs get, during the day. Players, please pick up ANY tagbags you see, and throw out the ones that are torn or unusable. This is a big deal to the GSs.


2. Please empty all the refrigerators completely during cleanup. I don't care if we put it in there or not. Bags of ice, drinks, anything, out it goes. The ONLY acceptable thing to leave is a carton of baking soda.


3. There are receptacles in all the bathrooms for used feminine hygiene products. STOP USING THEM, EVER. Throw those items in the trash yourself, because if you stick them in one of those boxes, one of OUR staff people has to empty them out. DO NOT FLUSH THEM EITHER.

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