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Freelanders Fight in the Mud - Song & lyrics -

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- For any of those who wish to learn it or simply missed Helene singing it around on her first day here it is; sung to the tune of The Mexican hat dance.-

Evenandrans fight on the dancefloor, with a galliard as much as a broadsword

And in Evenanessa its something they abhor, but the Freelanders fight in the mud.


In the west are continuous monsoons, and the fighters are shriveled up like prunes.

Their main weapons are pole arms and pontoons, but the Freelanders fight in the mud!

There are Tribelanders fighting in quagmires. There are Gershens fighting in bogs.

They go off to the forest with snorkel and chorus and victory goes to the frogs.

They don't quit! They lay on!

It's a matter of honor to swing your katana when you're six feet deep in a pond!


So if you go to the west to do battle, and your brains are not already addled;

You'd better had bring, your own water wings and be ready to fight in the floods.


'Cause the Freelanders fight in the mud!

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