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Ryan Staring

Best of May

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Did you kill the bad guy and feel like a Big Damn Hero or have an intense role-play that made your weekend? What made this event great and stand out to you?

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~Kiba's questioning that gave him a great deal of insight about the pinedale refugees after he paid the full 150 coin owed as well as having left a good enough impression on the elder that he was invited to meet and have dinner with his family at a later date (See Kiba can be diplomatic)

Also as a sidenote, him requesting that the new ordinance listing all the laws be called the Kiba ordinance.


~Having to go to the bathroom in the middle of a shift (Taking off the armor is a process) and when I was finally done, finding out an entire plot was apparently sent out for Kiba (Something about worshipers of the Knight wanting to convert Kiba to their religious practice from what I heard through others) and missing it all lol.


~Kiba rejecting marriage to a princess because he viewed marriage as slavery and decided he'd rather go drink tea. (Also surprisingly he was the most respectful to the seven terrans who were worried about their princess.) Also the fact that he threatened to drown his employer in the lake and write it off as a failed baptism if she ever talked about the power of friendship again.


~Making the Jenny shake as people were stomping and clapping as Kiba sang the Gershan song about baby seals, lol.


~Headbutting Cwestor as a welcome back to the land of the living and making him drink a Gershan drink that made him gag.




Running around as a High Dark Fae


Playing as a holy man with the intention to set up a graveyard in bandit town so as to honor the dead. that was a fun plot.

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It's been a while since I've Dwyn'd, so really the stand out moments to me were the little interpersonal moments/conversations that I had with Beryl, Sorien, Odric, Zariel, and Thaerion Friday night. smile.gif

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-Milestone! I was so wrapped up in the moment-real tears were produced! I balled my eyes out!! (Thanks Dave lol)

-Thaerion exiting the Owl and Ore in tears and getting the biggest hug from Narene, and seeing the look on the nearby PC's faces

-Ginger cookies!!

-Going out as a Siren-all the blue!!

-Being the sister to a labotomized Courtinie (who was very awesome-and kept a straight face the whole time!)

-I am Valora! smile.gif

-The Poltergeist! Thaerion had to figure out a quick distraction for nearby PC's!

-Being in the woods and watching different groups pass by-and occasionally joining them smile.gif



EVERYTHING (except the ticks) smile.gif

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Oh gods where do I begin. So glad to be back after the Hiatus again.


Shift 1 NPC:

Trying to get PC to eat Berty Blots every flavored beans and bean boozled beans in the hopes of Magical experiments. They were magically infused but also needed more testing. Good flavors were good buffs bad flavors you get the idea. Sadly no one bit.


Shift 2 pc:

Legion Breakfast cooked by Leon as an NPC thank you.


Upon entering merchant town on patrol with Alareon we found a group of Yebs an 11 year old boy was trying to get away from his home. Already gave him a bug repellent but it wasnt working as intended. Used the Eldritch gloves for the first time. Led the Yebs away peacefully.


When I came back finding two PCs with their heads cut off and carrying them back to Marcus to have them revived.


Going on patrol as the entire Legion and having two scarecrows run into merchant town. The odds of Marcus and Jaroth being there at the same time were slim but it happened and well they died quickly.


Dealing with another Yeb issue in Elf town by paying a Pixie in cookies and song to command them to leave. Jaroth being peaceful with Yebs? Seems strange.


While dealing with the Yebs a group of Skaven attacked and where dispatched quickly. Thank god for being immune to poison.


Then getting attacked by Iron golems and a mana golem and chasing down the person controlling them apparently she worshipped darkness.


Taking care of a person auctioning of Monsters. The Rhinos beat Jaroth to the monsters but helped him get rid of the shady auctioner.


Learning of Kiba and Helena's issues with a slave they freed. Jaroth is not sure what to make of it but seems things worked out anyways.


Killed two scarecrows that were built to guard a couples farm but were enchanted accidentally to guard a box the maker had. Failed enchantments must be a thing now.


Shift 3 PC:

Being around Kiba and Helena learning about their stories. Jaroth loves having new members in the Legion.


Getting take to wake up a "sleeping" princess. As I walked down the path towards them one of the Terran NPCs runs up asking, "Are you Prince Jaroth? I heard you are 7 foot tall and made of pure gold." Great that story will not end well.


Finally getting to the Princess and being told only true loves first kiss can awaken her letting Kiba try first it fails. Jaroth tries second also fails. Asking the 7 terrans with her what they have tried. Uses grounding on her it fails. Oh great Etherial Sealent someone go get Oz.


After the Princess wakes up Marcus trying to marry her of to Oz first and when that fails going with trying to marry Jaroth of to her. Jaroth was not amused at all.


Getting a pin of Elemental Dart 2/gd. Jaroth may be handing that off to someone else in the Legion soon.


Telling Marcus to buy a necklace of Nature immunity for Helena as a welcoming gift. Welcome to the Legion we like you now stay alive.


Shift 4 npc:

Being sent in as a hook for smart bandits. Ley lined out of a pit into the Jenny. Crawled through an open door with a stab wound in my back and two broken legs. Loved Amanda's elderwoman and the pcs reaction.


Getting to play a minotaur and making some new pcs run just by snorting.


They return with the inquisitor only to forget to tell him it is a minotaur. "By the power of Grak I cast resilience.""By the power of the Sept I cast Dispel." Get hit but the dispel amd no effect it only to watch the Inquistor back pedal for a moment.


The unfortunate part of the month:

All the damned rain and having my cloak clasp pull off so being without a cloak most of shift 3.


My knee acting up during shift 4 making me less combative.


Then stretching/pulling my groin while fighting as the minotaur.


But still had an awesome event. Thanks to a post shift bonfire at Maplewood cabins and 24 people all chatting away.

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+Being given the hokey genie Halloween costume to use. "MARCOS I NEED YOU!!!! MARCOS!!!"

+Outcome of high fae plot.

+Unexpected, random, highly effective murder of a PC (he got better).

+Getting all of my plots out.

+My NPCs' patience while we slowly rolled things out due to the highly unbalanced shift.



+New face gems!

+Ongoing, great dynamic between Valora and her squire.

+Laura: "I'm Valora Dragonsmiter." Me: "... no you're not." Laura: "But I am." Me: "... she's either crazy or dumb." Finding out that this is the Status plot arc.

+Giving Azul Stonehammer the town tour.

+Talent show!

+The labotomized sister played by Courtinie.



+Lillith of Cairnhold returns. >:D

+SO MANY NEEDY PCs when I went out as elder.

+Lord McCormick and the sneaky indentured servants.

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This event was great. Some of the fun things that happened ...


  • Becoming Drinkwater's second wife, getting stabbed through the hand during the wedding ceremony
  • Getting to wear the amazing new Buzzer Queen wing and crown!
  • Every time I play a darkness worshipper and I'm questioned, I always leave the encounter regretting that I didn't just impale myself on the sword. Well, I finally did it. Ended up getting revived and then killed by Marcus, but goal accomplished none-the-less.
  • It was great seeing the talent show come together
  • Ended up having around an hour and a half conversation with Ivan in character (longest one-on-one interaction I've had so far in character)
  • Going out into the woods with a client because he couldn't afford to rent a room in the inn, kicking up an area on the ground before we left

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I tried to forget...


+Terran: "Our princess needs true love's kiss." Valora: "I'm a knight now. I'll kiss this bitch. Wait a second... one... two... seven... GODS DAMN IT! I'M OUT!"

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-Being a Buzzer who made some Nox worshipper Skaven friends because flowers, then dragging the Rhinos around for like half an hour because my plot was 'resolved' before my hook/Buzzer sister came back.

Ban was shady AF and kept talking about growing a flower garden and asked if I could tell the queen he wanted some help with it. ('I have candy, get in my van' anyone?). I also think a fae sort of stole the flower that my Skaven friends had given me???

Another group of PCs were helping the sister find us, but we'd already left the original spot. They found us in Merchant Town, and tried to lure me outside the Helix, which seemed sketchy. The Skaven were only to be described as 'fuzzy boys', which these new PCs took to mean the Rhinos' hair, and this nearly caused a PC PVP battle in Elftown, which was scary IC but damn hilarious OOC.



-Having a Nox worshipper funeral in the middle of Elftown. We were unarmed but got decimated by Marcus and his group. Ceilidh as her PC Helene was hanging with them and messed with my dead body; I couldn't keep a straight face D:

Then we were revived individually and given a choice between 6 months hard labor on a farm if we repented, or instant death if we didn't. Brought out my sass, and had a blast :)

-Got to be a Buzzer again!! Three regular Buzzers (Beeatrice, Buzzella, and Elizabuzz) and the Queen. Our task was to find some flowers planted around because ours were all corrupted.

Several speedbumps for our PC heroes, which were a tyrannosaurus rex thing (?) in the woods next to logistics, and some Waspoids in the woods behind Maplewood. Easy peasy plot, and Ban finally got his queen Buzzer jelly lmao

-Part of a Puppet Weed (I think that's what they're called?) for the first time. Tough to maneuver with a rope around everyone, but nobody got hurt for realsies, so that's a win.

-The Talent Show! I missed the first half, but the rest of it was so fun :)

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The show!!! HOLY GEEZ!!!!!! I was so super nervous about it but it turned out beautifully!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!


-Being the crazy slave (totally Guile's fault)

-RP with Sorien both as an NPC and as my PC

-Very nice conversations in character.

-FINALLY getting to have Sabine meet a couple other faekin!!!!

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My first Medium plot. Holy shit. Thank you Steve Guile, Kyle Egert, and Brian Loughlin for some of the most intense RP I've ever been apart of.

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Another amazing event!



  • Being a part of a bag of tricks as an evil construct creator for multiple parts. Then getting caught and interrogated under truth serum. "Would you go back to worshiping the Dark Three?" "Yep" -dead-
  • Very important sandwich mission. In the downpour. Sandwiches were still hot when I returned so mission successful!
  • Playing an abusive mother whose son ran into werewolves. The PCs that saved him were 100% okay with the boy's impending whooping. :lol:
  • Conning a lot of PCs under the guise of the Mother's Orphanage that recently burnt down. Whoever kept throwing coins, thanks! Our bandits ate really well.
  • Dryad marriage! Should have charmed a few wedding guests but it was a fun experience. I have now been almost every green skinned race.



  • Being alive and not dying at the end! (Didn't really fight at all so that probably helped)
  • Glow nails! I was really excited to add this to my character. They were so bright!
  • Trial membership with GoST! Thanks for helping me understand the game a bit better and working towards getting Joy less easily slaughtered. It was nice having folks to work with instead of randomly meandering through the woods. I'll figure a work around for me being allergic to metals :) Together we'll solve a lot of mysteries~
  • Talent Show! I was really nervous reading one of my folktales but I think it went well. I absolutely hated making that prop though... painting is my bane.
  • Fortunes! I was surprised how many people were seeking Joy out for a reading. Made me happy that a core part of my character was well received.
  • Nosferatu Fortune! When an NPC asked Joy to go out to her master Reginald in the woods to do a card reading I had no idea who it was. Thankfully Oz came as well and gave Joy a much needed heads up on who she was about to meet. It would have been an entirely different encounter otherwise! The cards said Reginald would be victorious with something so... I suppose time will tell! Not entirely sure if Joy made the right call telling him about her mom but here we are :)
  • Custom Fortune! For the last couple weeks I had been working with AsianDave on a custom fortune for a PC/PC conflict. It was really exciting to draw up cards for the reading. Loved the look on Thaerion's face when the cards had her on them! I think I have the process down so I'd be able to do this for others in the future ;) Fantastic roleplay folks.
  • Saving a Nox victim! Pretty important to Joy, it was great to spend the last bit of the night consoling the victim.
  • Lots of friends for Joy! Everyone has been really supportive of Joy and she has a lot of great friends now. It's good to feel like a part of Maplewood :D
  • Letter to the Helix! No clue how that will turn out, probably nothing, but I had a laugh at writing it up. Joy is determined to be friends with it.
  • Poltergeist! Joy accomplished zero things with it but was very happy to meet him and gave him a present.
  • Draconus Shrine! Working with Lucius, a Draconus chosen, was a great way to get a Draconus shrine set up even temporarily. Praise to the sky lizard!


- I now know I have zero night vision. Prepare to for me to bump off of things constantly!

- I am not good at tea readings but I'm fine with Joy having a divination method she's awful with. Adds some depth!

- Someone wanted to speak with Joy towards the end of the night in the inn and I couldn't find them. Whoops. Seemed important!

- Mud is not my friend and has made that known by how many times I slipped.


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