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Bless the Mask Players

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I know we have a few people on here who are new as well as those that might be thinking of new characters. So, I would like to tell you about a unique opportunity. Come join the Bless the Mask Players!!! What are they, you ask? Glad you you asked that!! They are the premier (maybe) traveling entertainment group in all of Novitas*!!!!! If you like performing or helping with performing and love to travel, they are the perfect group for you. If you dance, sing, act (*looks at Lady Kate*), play an instrument, perform magic (that would be interesting since there is "real" magic at game), tell stories, we have a job for you. ALSO, if you can stage manage, run a curtain, help backstage, choreograph stage fights or cook we have a job for you!!! If you want your character to manage the books, build props, build staging, sew costumes or any other administrative type of job that would not actually be seen, but this sounds like a good thing for you, we have a job for you!!!!!


All members of Bless the Mask Players are also required to have a separate job. Typically we spend three days to a month in any town/village/city. Any day that is not spent working on the show (typically a play) members are encouraged to go ply their trade in town/village/city to earn their own money. Please note, this is NOT an adventuring party. The current membership is actually all non-fighters. We're not against fighting, we just don't do it. So, if you would like to join us to work on shows BUUUUUUUUUUUT you want to also do some "adventuring" you can do both. Any questions, message me here or you can talk to Sabine (pink haired faekin with the quarterstaff), Oma Blake (grey haired, half blind woman) or Laelia (gorgeous human courtesan) in game.







*sections of Novitas that we actually travel, some exclusions apply.

Please also note that the original thread where the idea was birthed from is not accurate. The killing assassin thing did not actually happen.

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