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Beryl Finderkeep

Welcome to The Slap and Tickle

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Hello everyone, most of you know me as Beryl.


I've been given the opportunity to run a player run bar/casino/den of ill-repute outside the bounds of the Helix. What I hope to accomplish is an 'Omar's Hammer, Pinedale Experience'. The Slap and Tickle is a den of debauchery to entertain as you wait for your next adventure or if the Helix rubs you the wrong way.


I will be needing IC staffing, so if your character would like to do something like that lemme know in-game or in a PM. I'll be handling as much as I can In-Character as possible but logistically for every detail that's not going to be possible.


I'll be posting more information as it comes but I wanted to put something in this empty forum atm.




Why is it called The Slap and Tickle?


Its a brothel. Brothels are very capable of being more than just a place to sleep with other folk. Its a place to be entertained, its a place to fulfill a darker kind of pleasure. Carnal delights for folks that don't always fit into the 'be a nice person' mold that Maplewood facilitates. There are obviously game play challenges to overcome to make it fully functioning with dancing girls and so such, but that is part of the fun. As a player run facility, I get to have fun with those aspects of the fantasy business.


But its a little silly...


But have you met Beryl? Its a perfectly Beryl thing to name it.

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I saw that and was wondering. Thanks! In character-hit up Sabine next time you see her in game.


Out of character. I can do a crock pot of pulled pork OR sausage and peppers and onions. I'm working on getting my sauce right via crock pot, so I'm not going to offer that yet. Let me know what will work and if you want that.

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