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Spinning Jenny Menu

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Tacked up to the opening of the Spinning Jenny is an advertisement of the Inn's offerings. Whoever wrote this had decent handwriting at best, and left a smudge of something yellow and crisp on the top of the paper where it had been held as the paper was nailed into the wall.

The Spinning Jenny is delighted to offer the following meals, and encourages residents to take a break from the cold weather to warm up!

Friday evening we will be serving freshly cooked pasta, joined with a rich tomato sauce with ground meat. From adventurers to even the Constables, this meal will give you enough energy and warmth to brave even the wilds of Maplewood!

After that the Spinning Jenny will be offering a filling breakfast. You will find hashbrowns, hot biscuits and scrambled eggs waiting for you as you begin to settle into your day.

We will then be serving a very familiar meal. Fresh chicken sliced and cooked with seasonings, before it is mixed within a batch of rice. A comfort food like no other, don't skip out on this cozy meal!

If you find yourself feeling the chill later in the day, why not stop in to the Spinning Jenny for some pulled pork?

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