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Physical contact between players

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I'm Dan, I'm the Rules Marshal. If there's a rule you don't like it's probably my fault!


I'd like to talk today about physical contact at KoN. We've got a whole pile of new players and I thought it might be good to cover our rules about touching. (and we had a small break so it's a good refresher for vets anyway)


I was looking for quotes and it seems we say the same thing several different ways depending on what resource you're looking at:

Other than weapon contact in combat situations, physical contact is permitted only when both players consent. Any rule that involves two players interacting where physical contact might get involved can be summarized by that last sentence.
Touching other players at Kingdoms of Novitas is sometimes a touchy issue.

People who are friends and are comfortable with each other sometimes forget that other people, especially new players, might not appreciate a slap on the back or a friendly hug.

Players in-game at KoN should always ask before initiating physical contact with another person.

Contact with boffer weapons is not physical contact for these purposes.

1.6.4 Players in game at Kingdoms of Novitas should always ask before initiating physical contact with another person.


1.6.5 Contact with boffer weapons is not physical contact.


The bottom line is that unless you're hitting someone with a foam weapon or a spacket, you need to get consent before touching another player.


This also can be seen in our looting rules:


Because not every player wants physical contact there are two methods to search other players for loot. These methods are referred to as "physical" and "detailed" searches. If the searcher has no wish to touch? others they can by default do a detailed search. Physical searches only happen if both players allow it. When initiating a search, players can ask "Detailed or physical" or declare "I'm going to search you now" to the fallen character who should respond with their preferred method. Alternately a player can simply begin doing a detailed search right away "I search your location such as pockets".

A detailed search is done by describing where on the other player you are going to search. Examples include: inside of pouches, pockets, boots, the character's mouth, hands, or inside of a skeleton's skull. It is often helpful to ask if anything on the target is glowing blue to distinguish if there are any magic items (which therefore are not garb and lootable). The player being searched is honor-bound to give up anything in the corresponding locations.

A physical search is exactly what it sounds like, you physically reach in pockets and other places to see what you find. The player being physically searched has no obligation to help you, but can't hinder you either. A player being physically searched can opt to go to a detailed search at any time if they don't wish to continue with the physical search.

Players also have an option to just hand over anything lootable on them when a search is declared.

After a NPC is searched it is common practice to drag the NPC's body off into the woods, indicating to other players the character has been searched, and indicating to the NPC that they can respawn or return to logistics as appropriate.



1.8 Searching players: Naturally, players will want to search the fallen for information, money, magic items, or treasure. Not every player wants another person touching them to search them, and not every person desires to have to frisk other players who may have hidden loot in dubious places. To deal with this potentially delicate issue, Kingdom of Novitas uses the following procedure for searching other players:


1.8.1 Announce your search and wait for a response. A simple declaration to the fallen person of “I’m going to search you now” is sufficient.


1.8.2 Players who do not wish to touch another player to search may simply begin a detailed search.


1.8.3 The player being searched should decide how they are willing to be searched – detailed search or physical search. (If they don’t want to be touched, they should reply with “Detailed search please”. If they are willing to allow the player to physically search them, they should simply reply with “Go ahead,” or something similar.)


1.8.4 If the player being searched desires a detailed search, do not touch them. Take a knee next to them, and begin describing your search to them.


1.8.5 If your search clearly and specifically describes an area where an in game item is carried or hidden, the player being searched is honor-bound to give it to you.


1.8.6 If the player doesn’t mind a physical search, it is your responsibility to find any items they have on their person, and they are under no obligation to assist you in any way.


1.8.7 If at any time either player desires a physical search to stop, they may say so, and the search must become a detailed search.


1.8.8 The player being searched also has the option to simply give up all his in game items when a search is declared.



And in our rules about moving bodies/corpses:

In role-playing games there comes a time where despite every effort to avoid the situation... you have to get rid of the body. Or sometimes you're playing the sinister NPC who is out to steal the corpse of a player character for some foul necromantic ritual. Whatever the reason you are now in a circumstance where you need to drag the body of a character away.

Dragging a body can be done physically (actually drag the player) only when both players consent. If either player doesn't want to do physical contact then role-play dragging the character along. This should never be at full speed, you're supposed to be carrying a body after all. Be sure to make the player of the body know you are dragging them so they can follow along.


If you don't want to be touched, you can opt for detailed searches and if someone says "i'm dragging your body" you can shuffle along with them. Assume every character is strong enough to move any other character (this is a fantasy game!)



That's a WHOLE LOT of information, do you have any questions?

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