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Fish Story

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In the tilted tone that you'd expect from a mariner in a bar beyond 2 in the mourn. Shadrach spoke up unprovoked. 

"The sea gives everything, and it takes it right back." He began to slog. "When I started fishing, I was a boy. I got my start on the seas. We used great nets to haul up fish like herring and anchovy. There was a day we went out with a fleet that was pursuing tuna. We didn't know the paths they took, so normally we wouldn't have gone. The captain of my ship, as well as a few others, were fed up of the bigger fishermen keeping those routes secret. So they hired someone who divines fish. They figured this ichthyomancer could tell them what paths the tuna would take. A day out to sea and the fish finder proclaims 'WE HAVE ARRIVED' The captain immediately barked at us to ready the nets, but the finder began singing off key gibberish. Annoyed, the captain barked at him 'There's no place for singing on deck, we need to fish!' The finder responded after finishing. 'No place at sea for singing? Well why can you tuna fish?' After a brief sigh the captain waved his hand at us to keep preparing nets. We were interrupted again by the thud of a great tuna jumping onto deck. We stared at it in awe. Tunas are about the length of two men. Then another one jumped aboard, and another. Countless tuna began to jump onto deck, and the boat began to buckle. I looked back to the captain who was strangling the seer. Between gasps the prophet cackled 'I promised you a TONa fish."

Shadrach paused.  

"Out of that whole fleet, only a handful of us made it back to shore."

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