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Garb and Aesthetic Standards

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Kingdoms of Novitas is loved, and known by many, for many reasons. One reason that draws many players is our standards for upholding aesthetics. Over the last year our game has seen much change. Because of that we have been laxer on these aesthetic standards. However, the immersive element of our game is slipping. Please read and adjust accordingly.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact myself and I will do my best to assist you.

Props and Atmosphere 2nd – Dustan W.

Official garb policy.
Please read this link, and make sure are following these rules both as a PC and NPC


 Additional notes of things we, your P&A team, are seeing lately.

o   Garb. 
-  T- shirts/turtlenecks/ ”Underarmor” as undershirts are not to be visible (this includes neckline, and sleeves. This does not change during NPC shifts.
- Logos of any clothing wear can not be visible.

o   Boots. 
- Boot laces and modern tops of boots need to be covered. Period boots can be found at reasonable prices, and covering boots can be even cheaper
- Use the forum search feature for boots to locate links others have used.
- Other short term options include spats, gaiters, winningas over laces/boot tops, or using burlap to cover boots.

o   Flashlights
-  Are disruptive to immersion, and thus are not permitted during game hours. The only exception is a “light tube”, an in game producible item. Lighting is encouraged for every player at night, but it needs to remain period, cannot be overly bright, and cannot project light forward.

o   Tents
-  Historically speaking, we have not allowed tents of any fabric, or design, that is not period/approved fantasy. This means it should be made from canvas, cotton, wool, or linen. Nylon tents have never been allowed. This rule is still in effect, however, we have decided that modern materials may be permitted on a case by case basis. A non-period tent should not be set up without prior contacting P&A staff for approval.

o   Sleeping areas
-  Sleeping bags need to be covered as do totes, and/or anything else non-period. This can be by say a wool blanket, a cheap sheet, a canvas drop cloth, or anything of that nature. OOG area is under your bunk. However, try to hide/cover anything modern here as well.

o   Drinks/food wrappers
-  Keep them out of sight in your encampment and elsewhere. Better yet, put contents in a period bottle. Carrying around something like a Gatorade bottle is not permitted.

o   Game start time
-  Game begins at 8pm on Friday. Please make sure beginning at that time all garb rules, lighting rules, and so forth are being followed. Additionally, please have any vehicle out of game areas before then.
- If you can not be ready to go by 8pm, at minimum, unload your car into your sleeping area, do your best to cover anything modern, move your car out of game areas, and finally get ready. It should be noted that if you are unable to be completely ready to go by 8pm than shift 1 should be one of your PC shifts. It is not fair to other players to short your NPC shift because you are unable to make it on time.
- If shift 1 is a PC shift, all of the above should be done BEFORE you start to dress for character/apply makeup, etc.

o   Cold Weather
-  The colder months are upon us. Cold weather does not affect our garb standards. Please dress warm, safety is paramount. However, anything modern, once again, needs to be covered. 


In addition to this post I would like to link a post from our former Props Marshal, MK.

Garb standards at KoN

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