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A Nip in the Air

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Winter had come to Maplewood, dumping all too giving amounts of snow on just about every nook and cranny the harsh winds could find their way through. They scattered snow up the trunks of still-green pines, dusted pathways white, and much to Malachi's annoyance, dumped it in her boots and soaked more then just the fringes of her wool dress. She was loathe to stop her trek in Potato Town, of all places, where Ice Elementals and Boglurkers tended to hang out, but she needed her toes. Scraping snow off one of the logs surrounding the firepit, Malachi set her basket upon it as she set about to find some dry wood.

There wasn't much to be found, between the falling sun and the snow. What she did find eventually was a particularly heavy pine, needles encased in ice. It was there was she able to slip underneath the barrier and collect mostly dead, dry lower branches. It wasn't the best wood, she knew Pine didn't make the best for cooking, but for warmth? It would have to do for now, and could at least prepare wetter logs for burning. She wasn't sure who kept the pile stocked- probably the Templars, their temple was right there after all. Right next to the little shrine of Draconus. Malachi couldn't help but frown to herself as she returned to where her basket sat on the log, kicking snow out of the firepit so she could lay the branches down. 

"Let's get a little thing going here.." 

From the basket came out a blob. It was reddish, much like the Earthkin's wool dress, and fuzzy. She rolled it about her fingertips and palms, kneeling by her collection of dry wood and setting it right before it. And silently, in the growing night, came light. Malachi ran her knife along the edge of the flint, sending a few glowing sparks into the fuzzy wad. The first few caught the earth and died, but finally one began to grow and swell within the fuzz. She gently lifted it up, blowing on it as her hands went to work snapping little bits of wood from the sticks. She fed the growing spark, now sending smoke and light as it consumed the little twigs offered to it. She assembled it a decent enough house as it grew, lining the smaller sticks up first, then the bigger ones in a rather pyramid-esque shape. From the woodpile, she grabbed two logs, setting them beside the growing fire to dry. 

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