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Eric Scott

Septon Gran "meets" Daitoro

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I followed Daitoro from the Spinning Jenny to Mercy House, in pursuit of the lady of the Running Rhinos knowing nothing of the man accept a lot of people fear his dark demeanor, and the word of my close friend Bennett "People don't know him as well as they think, Hes OK" which is about as good a compliment as Bennett has ever given anyone. I'm sure he knew i was there as i am trained in neither stealthy movements or camouflage but he never got to far ahead just always ahead enough to stay out of my lantern light. When we reached mercy house The Lady and a constable were inside ( i still have no fucking clue what constables do here) and a large angry mob was outside, Daitoro didn't even brake stride, Like a shadow he passed over or through them with ease and began scouting the cabin. I surveyed the mob realizing some were there with good intentions for the woman inside and others not so much. By the time i surmised this and Daitoro and finished scouting the constable had concluded his interview or interrogation and escorted her back down the trail. The mob apparently was only full of hot air because once the constable came out with her they merely mumbled to themselves and dispersed. Not Daitoro and I, we stalked the pair back down the dark trails the same manner as before which Im happy to say ended up back at the Spinning Jenny with nobody worse for the wear.

Excerpt from the journals of Septon Gran

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