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Shift Balance

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At this time, we are not returning to a mandated shift balance regime. We will continue to allow you to choose your own shifts. We are, however, tweaking several aspects of this, to give you more information with which to make an intelligent choice about when you'd like to PC and NPC.

1. There will be a non-binding poll put up on the Facebook discussion group, a week before the event, so that people can see who is PCing when, and get a rough idea what the balance will be. 

2. ABSOLUTELY and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will NPCs EVER be "released" to go play their PCs EVER AGAIN. While this was perhaps a useful way to attempt some on-the-fly balancing of shifts, several players of low morals and questionable ethics have been heard making remarks to the effect of, "Just sign up for the most crowded NPC shifts and the GM will send you to go PC anyway, then you get to PC THREE shifts!" This kind of shit attitude cannot be tolerated.

3. The shift balance whiteboard will again be in Logistics. We never really meant to stop using it, but it got forgotten during the moves. This provides a visual representation on-site and in real time of the actual shift balance at that event. Players are encouraged to look at this and choose wisely. 

4. We are going to move forward with implementing a pre-registration system. Part of this will show you the shift balance, and give you a warning that the shift is overcrowded with PCs if you pick shifts that are over a certain threshold of PCs. We hope that this will also give players the information to make informed choices. 


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