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Feb Feast 2018 Auction Items

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Feb Feast 2018 Chinese Auction Items!

This year we're doing a "small" fundraiser auction in February, and the big honkin "holy hell how much are they paying for that magic sword?" one at the 2018 JUNEBILEE

If you're not familiar with a chinese auction:  

  • We sell you a ticket
  • You put the ticket in the designated bag for the item you're after
  • We draw a ticket, somebody is a winner!

If you're not familiar with Feb Feast:  We operate the game most of the time on a shoestring budget.  We have a fundraiser every year to help allay any fears we have.  We sell magic items for dollars and make them super cool: http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Novitasnewyear

If you don't know what we mean by "20 points", here's some info about our crafting system! http://www.kingdomsofnovitas.net/wiki/pmwiki.php?n=Rules.Craftingpointstat

For this one, we're selling


The "normal" price ones:
$1 each
$10 for "an arm's length" (number varies, but is a better deal than individually)

and the "5 dollar tickets"
$5 each
no discount for buying in bulk

$1 ticket items:

  1. Leather Belt - Casts 1x 5th level spell 1/gd
  2. Gift Certificate to Suzie for a 24 point Item of your choice!
  3. Wand - you pick a spell and it'll have between 10 and 50 charges depending on the level:  recharges every "Feb Feast"
  4. Ring - Automatically casts Heal Body on you 1/gd if you hit 0 body from damage.
  5. Mantle - Casts Antimagic Aura 1/gd
  6. Hat - Mind Blank 1/gd
  7. Necklace - Command Nature 1/gd
  8. Necklace - No Inchant Charm 1/gd
  9. Necklace - Immune to Lycanthropy, casts Silvershine 1/gd
  10. Loot Box - Magic Lockbox casts Magic Lock on itself 10/gd
  11. Scroll - Turn any magic item into a Feb Feast Item
  12. Amalgamate Scroll - Take any two magic items of the same type (martial sword, hat, etc) - combine into one item with all the powers of both plus the Feb Feast abilities!
  13. Blue Trim - Any item this trim is added to gains 20 points of Ornamenting
  14. Lantern - Casts Sanctuary 3/gd
  15. Sept Necklace - Permanent Garlic Paste
  16. Mystery bag - Full of Consumables!

$5 ticket items:

  1. Wildrunner's Tackle - (Bow, 12 Arrows, Quiver) - The bow shoots for +1 damage, breaks cap, is a Mageblade, and casts Dispel 1/gd
  2. The Transcendent Tomes (2 Inscribed metal books) - These translate to and from anything written in the Immortal language (That's the language of High Fae and [REDACTED]!)
  3. Scarlet Messenger's Regalia (brooch) - +2 armor for anything it's pinned to, breaks cap
  4. Enchanter's Intrigue (Scroll of Transmute) - Change any single weapon to another single material type
  5. HACK THE PLANET (Scroll of 50 point item) - Make your own awesome!
  6. Great Reverberate Plates (Encampment item) - Casts Aura of Reflection on you and up to 5 people 1/gd each


Items will be on display in Logistics, Tickets will be sold all weekend


Tickets will be drawn towards the end of the In Character Feast!  So that's 4th shift this weekend!

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4. Ring - Automatically casts Heal Body on you 1/gd if you hit 0 body from damage.


If Enzo gets this it will be so OP, it will last the entire event long because it can't possibly trigger!

You've all been warned.

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