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Winter Bathrooms

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One last announcement from the Staff Retreat.

We know that the current wintertime bathrooms situation is not the best (this is one reason why we're not doing a January or March event this year). However, the constant stream of PC players into Logistics to use the bathroom there is unacceptable. There are outhouses which are perfectly functional in the cold weather. They are not necessarily comfortable, but they are functional.

If you have a reason you cannot use an outhouse on your PC shift, you have two choices:

1. Drive ten minutes to the nearest convenience store and use theirs. If you do this, please bring me back a Mountain Dew.

2. Go to a SIDE DOOR of Logistics, knock, wait to be given entry, then proceed DIRECTLY to the bathroom, with your ears closed and your eyes on the floor, do your business, and immediately depart. Do not chat with the NPCs, do not look at what's going on, do not listen to GM instructions, get in and get out. 

Please DO NOT just wander into Logistics while you are PCing. NO BUENO.

We have a reasonable hope that by next winter, the small bathhouse nearest Logistics will be winterized and available year-round.

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Hey guys,

I hope you have a great feast weekend! Looks like there will be snow forecast and temps with wind chills down to around 0 at night and 20's during days. The buildings do get plenty warm though and were fine with the events scouts just had in Jan. There are latrines near each bldg. Check with Al when you guys check-in to make sure there is TP at each. It is in the metal locker closest to back door of kitchen back room if needed.

There are also sleds and carts available to lug your stuff in. Carts are on trading post/office back porch. Sleds may be locked inside, ask Al if you need them and they are not on Trading Post/Office front porch.

Please be careful if you use or cut through the Hornbeck bldg (the one off the parking lot with no garage doors) as the floor in there becomes a sheet of ice.

Also remember the lake is spring fed with some very thin spots so there should be no one out on the ice. 

Have fun,

Rob Mahardy

CK Camp Director

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