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February Tavern Menu

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A new menu is posted for the tavern. This one is typically cleaner then the other ones from months gone by, but it still has that characteristic messiness as some of the ink is smeared. 

Winter has not left Maplewood yet, and it is a time to celebrate how this chilly time of year brings us together as a town. 

Friday night we will be serving Penne Alfredo, a pale, rich cream sauce mixed with in-house mixed and cut penne pasta.

Saturday morning we will be serving our typical fare, a hearty egg pie. We thin-sliced potatoes, bacon and cheese, adding them into the pie to make a very tasty way to start your day.

Saturday afternoon we will be warming the bellies and tongues by serving chicken fajitas! Come see if you can handle the spices we blended just for this delicious winter dish! 


* If you do not have a bowl or plate, there are merchants in town that will rent bowls, and the inn will have a few that you can rent.

** Please be aware that catering to special dietary needs is not a service of the Inn or Operations' Inn staff at Kingdoms of Novitas. While players will occasionally go out of their way to provide alternatives, it is not something we can do on a regular basis. Players with special dietary preferences should always come to events prepared to feed themselves with the appropriate foods. If you have any serious or life-threatening allergies please let the inn keeper know so we don’t serve you something that will send you to the hospital.


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