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Production Points Use

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I plan on submitting my PC essay pretty soon!  I have a few questions about production points:

1. If my PC is approved before the next event, would I be able to use Production Points at my first PC'd event?

2. If someone NPC's for the entire weekend (all 4 shifts), can they still use their PCs production points at sign in?  (For example, someone plans on NPCing the next event and PCing at a later event but does not want to miss out on utilizing their production points for both events)

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1. Yup.

For more information here is the relevant page in the wiki:


And the relevant paragraph:

The first time a player signs-in with a new character they receive one coin for each level that character has and do not have to pay any coin costs to use production points or crafting points.

2. I believe yes, but that isn't actually specifically in the wiki.  Will verify with Dan, likely add it to the wiki and then post the link here later.

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2. Confirmed that yes you can, and it is now mentioned on the same page of the wiki that I linked in my previous post.

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