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Tomas Bartholomew Stone

Do you want to be Immortal

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~~Steps up on a tree stump and addresses passers by~~


From the sea of Serenity to Eternity

I have traveled day to day

As far east as Splintered Isle

And west as the Iron bay


I've come to your Wood of Maple

To find my fortune and fame

Epic tales of Heroic Quests

Is how the  world will know my name


With stories of adventure

Damsels in distress

Fighting hordes of monsters

And putting undead to rest


If your Sword arm is mighty

Or its magic that you wield

When faced against all odds

Do you stand vigilant with your shield


So if you want to be famous

Immortalized in song

on your next adventure

you need just bring me along


If you are the stuff of legends

and you want the world to know it

The name is Tomas Bartholomew Stone

and I am the Bardic Poet

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