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Best Of April 2018!

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--Making Odric into Reaver’s apprentice was the highlight of my game, many months (or years) in the making. I’m excited to see where we go from here!


--Hanging out with my larp buds on Sunday morning, best way to start a birthday!
--Meeting great new players, excited to see what you come up with!

--Smart bandits in Mapleton. This deserves a little story. A stack of 7 npc’s armored up and bandited, sending one of us (who had a cleaver) in to town as a butcher who’s meat had been stolen. The PC’s roll up to a lean-to in Mapleton and after some negotiation, the butcher starts hacking them in the back (Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!) The fight goes our way, since we had the high ground, and a bog lurker took the opportunity to strike. We lost a few, but the tide shifted to the bandits, 5 bandits v 2 Pc’s, and the 2nd was running away.


The one remaining starts negotiating for his sword I had in my hand. While negotiating, Orcs attack, he was able to save a few of his party but left behind one bard and one adventurer in a burgundy dress.


Someone hatches the plan that we will need hostages as well as their loot, so we tie them up and heal them. The bard starts talking like he’s Tyrion Lannister and manages to convince us to not knock him out, in exchange for telling stories of our exploits. The lady awakens, and demands (while tied and with a sword at her throat), Demands her ‘pretty pretty necklace’ back, immediately. As a hedge against the future, I trade her the “pretty pretty necklace” for a promise to put in many good words for me, when her friends returned to rescue her.


Said friends came to rescue, and after a parlay where the bard escaped, and the lady in red dissipated and got to safety, in effect rescuing themselves. Perhaps it was the bandits who were inevitably betrayed--good job, PCs!


--AJ/McFathom--glad to have you back! It was fun meeting the hero of Terra, looking forward to more!

--Also AJ--after the mummy fight, dead and looted, utterly utterly tired and spent, just sitting against a tree and laughing the exhausted laughter because we’re two old larpers who kicked some major ass.


--Sleeping in a lean-to in 20degrees at night--that’s a checkbox for me!


--Selling all my ‘bougie' wares to Onyx. He looked so good in one of Reaver’s neck blankets (scarves), this was said by another shopper: “I hate that you look so good in that.”


--Late night conversation in the dark with Qwestor. I was exhausted after the mummy/Baldiserre and the Super Friends, plot, and had thought to turn in early. Before going to bed, I sat out in character, just watching the trees and stars and moonshadow, to calm down before bed. In the dark,  Qwestor happened to come by. Reaver was very interested in this guy, and so we struck up a conversation in the dark: “What is your purpose, Qwestor? Why does Qwestor, qwestor?” Great talk, looking forward to more.

--Tomas Stone's sad but powerful bardic story. 

--If you haven’t, there are some great and interesting blogs that I’m enjoying--thanks to the authors, you get me through to the next game!


And thank you all for making this game great for me, much appreciated--

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Copied from the FB post:
+Damien Liske being a total good sport about going out as a dancing boy. That was the hardest I've laughed at game in a long time. Looked like someone's entire makeup collection vomited on his face.
+Christopher Robin Hicks showing Stefan Bellows'
proud old spinster great-aunt a nice time before she dies. It sounded like it was very sweet.
+My Sad Man plot gets caught by Baldisere. "... he brought up Eliana, didn't he?" He sure did.
+Sympathetic bandits? I love when a plot goes completely not as planned.
+Getting a Druidnet envelope that had an old note in it in my handwriting.

+Surprise Crimson Courier visit from husband! I've never been so delighted by a surprise in my life, truly and honestly.
+Scarecrow'd bratty son is now Valora's new charge in Terra.
+New Fellowship pins and the pinning ceremony.
+Underfall Brew shennanigans.
+"Hi, I'm Aidan and I'm homeless." "Hi, I"m Valora and I'm a knight... that's kind of the exact opposite of homeless." "Cool, I'm going to fix your friend now!"
+"Well, it's time for the Chosen Meeting. There's plenty of daylight so I'm going to leave my long, pokey stick of kill undead back here because why would I need that? Ooh, what's that coming up the hill? A giant horde of super-charged undead unleashed in the daylight because of some PC bullshit? SONOFABITCH!"

+Soon dubu gee gae! Thanks Joe Pratt!
+"Jack" the "Minotaur." My Elder was so confused, doing mental gymnastics to try to understand why this was happening. It wasn't until I went back to logistics I was told that it was just a villager who was glamored to look like a Minotaur and was badly acting like he thought a minotaur would act. Fucking hilarious.
+Getting all up in Zyla's face because she is a VERY BAD GIRL.
+Telling the tearful story of Elderwoman Erulisse's first son-in-law, the late Elder Otto Martin.

Oh, also

+Laura Bee as her mute alt Stone is so adorable and the best!

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NPC shifts:

Roadside bandits who needed to replace their dead Mamas vase. 8  people "donated" to us, we were so succesful some PCs took up the same task 20 feet down the road!

Fishfolk, #notallfishfolk, Septon b and Consol Titus met with us and agreed to a Pisces picnic in the future.  

Skaven traders collecting for Nara... noone tried to kill us!


PC Shifts

Spragg lead the memorial invocation for the fallen of Mapleton, and earned a poltergeist sidekick!

Many PCs adopted the term "Mapleton"

Spragg spent all of his power and febfeast auras to kill a small army of orcs, letting Uncle Cheng's spirit run loose for the first time in game.

Giving Arcturus my days recap, leading to him offering to buy the drinks for me and my spirits.

Helping septon B resurrect his friend.


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