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John Spencer

Workday April 28th 2018

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Hey all, 

This weekend is a work day for the scouts. Ranger Al won't be there due to training. Paul Obernesser will be there instead. The work day starts around 8-9 am until we finish work. Lunch will be the only meal provided, so please plan accordingly. As well, bring rain and cold weather gear. Anything can happen. 

If we have a large enough crowd (50ish) there will be double XP for the weekend of work. 

If you have hand tools (no chainsaws!) like shovels, rakes, limb saws, mauls, etc. you should bring them

If you're competent with basic construction tools - drill, level, circular saw, sawzall, etc. bring that stuff too. I don't know if you'll use it or not but it may come in handy.

Looks like this work is a lot of cutting and hauling downed wood, and a lot of shoveling and raking gravel and dirt that's been torn up b the winter plowing.

For those that have already contacted Dave about staying, be prepared to work Friday as well. I am not sure of the plan but it could happen. 

Please contact me with any other concerns or questions. 

See you this weekend,



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A huge thank you to everyone who helped out today. We got a whole lot accomplished with the weather mostly cooperating. We really appreciate how much KoN does for CK. I'm hoping after these 8 months or so it's feeling like home to you guys.


Thanks again,


CK Camp Director

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