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Illivandros' Flyers

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Illivandros posts about both Maplewood and North town the following:


Greetings people of Maplewood and North Town;


In the month of June I plan on traveling the area purchasing potions, scrolls, and alchemical goods. Anything easy up to middling difficulty to make are what I seek to buy. I'm offering 2-6 coin per item based on the difficulty to make. All wares of fleeting nature are welcome, no matter what they may be. Harder than middling wares will be considered on a case by case basis.


- Knight-Maker Illivandros Lisandre


(OOC I'm looking to buy level 1-3 consumables, no matter if they are potions, scrolls, alchemy, or poisons. I'm willing to pay 2 coin per level for them. Level 4 and 5 stuff will be considered case by case)

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