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Nailed onto the beams of the Merchant's Bazaar, a few trees in Northtown, and even near the Jenny is the following flyer: 

Good afternoon, morning or night- I've come to bring you a daytime delight!

Saturday morning in June, I will be serving freshly prepared breakfast sandwiches. These sandwiches will be the perfect way to start your day- with the eggs and meat, they will be perfect for long-term energy, while the soft, buttery bread gives you that needed boost in the morning. Conditions permitting, I will be offering cups of juice that you can purchase- don't have a cup? That's fine, as I will also be offering bowls and cups to rent, and also to purchase. 

As always, there will be sweets offered. I will be offering chocolate-cinnamon chip cookies for sale, a coin a piece. 

I hope to see the familiar faces of Maplewood, regardless of what the Elemental has decided to bless us with that particular Saturday. 


[OOG: Second shift I will be serving hot sandwiches! They'll be meat, egg and cheese. Haven't decided what kind of meat yet, it is a contest between bacon and pork roll. We'll be selling/renting bowls/dishes/cups if you need them also, and if I do get juice, it will probably be of the orange variety.]]

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