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Febfeast items and more for sell!

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IM leaving for South Korea mid september and have some things for sale:

Scarf, aura of reflection 1/gd, 2nd breath 1/gd, accessory slot 40 point item.

Necklace of permanent Garlic Paste

Blue bag, I was told by Dave H it's the largest in the game, swells up larger than a grapefruit.

Hat, +1 dmg with thrown weapons, breaks cap, casts magic armor 1/gd, adds 4 craft points and 4 production points

Shirt of Magic armor 1/g, and Improved magic armor 1/gd(will need your own prop)

non febfeast, non enchanted

11 Dave H arrows

Body harness that has right hip quiver and also carries a great weapon

non febfeast, non enchanted:

Boar spear, tis just a great weapon

42'' katana


pm me for offers or HMU on facebook if you have my contact on there.


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I know you sold a bunch of stuff at June-bilee. What is left?

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