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Calimacil weapons, leather gear, & other goodies FOR SALE

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I'm looking to sell the following things: 

Celtic braced larp shield, Latex:  $50 

2 Ring belts: $20 each

1 Pair of gloves: $20 

Leather set of forearm bracers & Shin guards: $45 

frogs: $15 each

leather wrist guards: $15 

Kiefer, the King's Bane flanged Mace: $70 

Thorgrim, the Ancestor's Glory 2 handed axe: $100

Black leather chest armor, fits 48-50 inch chest: $60

Viking II (Dirk) short blade: $40

All of this stuff I've worn and used at KoN before, so it should be good to go for use. I live near Amsterdam, NY so if anyone wants to pick up local or meet somewhere local I can. I can also ship the smaller things no problem, not sure how shipping the larger items would go. 


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I'm definitely interested I  the chest armor. Dibs! What is the waist circumference? Also considering the shield.

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