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2018 Rules changes handout

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Who's got two thumbs and is terrible at timeliness?  This guy!

Here's what we went over at the Junebilee in July 2018.



Rules updates as of the game immediately following July 14, 2018


Tinkering items

Formerly, some tinkering items only worked for you and your “party”.

Items which formerly worked for your “party” now work for the item's owner + 5 people they designate


Items which only work “in a encampment” still only work “in an encampment”

Lean-to counts as encampment

Tent counts as encampment

The Inn is NOT an encampment




New bonus:

Allows copy potion/scroll/alchemy at sign-in like it does now

Also +5 production (for 25 total)




No more Crafting or Copying of Formulas

These are the Alchemy items which require a formula (or a savant) to craft:


3 Affection Confection “charm”

3 Spyderbyte “weaken”

3 Tanglefoot Bag “pin”

4 Yebbing Powder “pit”

4 Blackout Juice “stun”

4 Touch of Panic “Fear”


Alchemist's Laboratory

Shiny new bonus: +5 production (30 total)

… wait is this new? Whatever.


Feb Feast Items

Clarification: These CAN be stolen from the owner, but must be returned by the end of the event

If you loan your FF item to someone else, and it's stolen from THEM, it's not a FF item anymore.



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