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2018 Halloween Open Donations!!!!!

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It's October 1st. Halloween stuff is in stores in full force. Every year (November event) we take OPEN DONATIONS FOR XP on props that would be good for game. Typically, any masks we ask that you purchase multiple of the same creature. This year, I have added a scavenger hunt of sorts; a list of things we are in need of. Take advantage of sales, especially immediately following Halloween. 

To reiterate: HALLOWEEN DONATIONS ARE IN NOVEMBER. If you score stuff early, msg me so I can update the list. Also, If you are unsure of something, hit me up on Facebook, I check my phone often.


1: 2 of a Humanoid/Ogrish mask for Ettin.
2: Additional Skaven masks
3: Additional Troll masks
4: Lizard/Reptile masks (I need 4-6 of the SAME creature)
5: Undead Masks (Zombies/Ghouls etc) Preferably whole head and/or well fitting
6. Prosthetic Elf Ears
7. Prosthetic Monster parts (For Snow Goblins)
8. Fairy Wings (Adult Size Only)
9. Small necromancy component props
10. Plastic chains
11. Bloody latex body parts


Update 1: we probably do NOT need werewolves or skeletons.

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Is prop donation ex the same as garb donation ex (ie 1 xp for every 10 dollars)?  Also you might want to include that Skaven masks are rat masks 

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That is the standard rate yes.

However, this is the only month we take open donations.

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I am happy to go looking for some of these items but I won't be at an event until Dec.

If there is something no one has said they are getting and you can wait until Dec for it, let me know.

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