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Matt S.

Contemplating Larping

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My name is Matt and I am contemplating the idea of larping. I am friends with one of your members already, who has started introducing me to the ideas and character creation for Kingdoms of Novitas. I am very shy and nervous in new situations and with new people, so I am constantly going back and forth as to whether or not I would feel comfortable or not larping.

I am interested in knowing how difficult it is to play an elf and what props I would need to pull that off. In addition, I am interested in several foam weapons from Forged Foam but I am unsure if their weapons are KoN acceptable. Plus, the ones I am interested in have special colored blades. One is a reddish-orange blade, another is a purple blade, a third is an icy blue blade, and the final one is a normal colored blade with spaks of lightning on it. All 4 are daggers of 21-22". I was told that some colors represent certain damage types and that I should get on these forums to find out. I have attached images of the first 3 weapons I mentioned.  I look forward to hearing from you. 






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