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Dren Ollevres

A traveler with a feathered hat arrives from the East

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It's been so long that I've decided to RE-introduce myself to new players.

Hi! I'm Dren Ollevres.
Civenite; Master Alchemist; Avatar of Avarice; Slayer of Voltrax, 3rd Son of Draconus; married into the Great Elven House of Suntower; Head of the Trans-Novitas Trading Company; Carrier of the Al'Cairn; Lorekeeper of Adecia; Chronicler of Scrolls; One-who-conversed with the Elemental; One-who-sparred with the Soldier; Vanquisher of Dark Fae; Ally to Pisceans; and Guardian of the Sacred Truths, to name a few.

But who's keeping track? Anyway, started going to KoN about 11 years ago, I think.

My wife Camila (Drea Marianus) and I plan on attending the April event after a long hiatus... you know, babies and moving houses and all that.

Looking forward to seeing old and new faces!


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