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On weapon materials

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(This is Claire, new by the June 2019 event!)

So at the last even I saw a lot of people had weapons of different materials -- Elven Steel, Goblin Iron, etc. I've had a look around the forums and wiki and couldn't find specific ways on how to get these materials. Do I have to have crafting skills (ingame) to 'make' these weapons, or do I have to buy them ingame?

If possible I would like to paint them for material use myself. 


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Hi Claire, great to have you at last game! 

Good question, you just need the appropriate skills on your character sheet, and you can make anything your weaponsmithing rank will allow. Basically, you're assumed to be buying the raw materials between games if you're a weaponsmith. 

See the KON rules wiki entry on weaponsmithing for more info: 


And, if there's something I missed, someone from Rules will chime in!

Happy Crafting, 



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