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Caitlin U

Dungeon Crawl!

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Hi Everyone!
Whoops, forgot to make a forums post for this! Things are starting to come together for the Dungeon Crawl! At this point, we need to decide who will be traveling with which party. If you pre-registered to go through the crawl, I need you to get your group together and send one message per ten person group to either me or Chris Tesorio to let us know who your are PCing as and who your group will be. It is required that I get this info in order for you to go through the crawl. If you know someone who doesn’t check Facebook and registered to PC, poke them. Make sure everyone on your list pre-registered. Once we have an accurate count, we will offer up the remaining PC spots to people who didn’t pre-register. What this means is that you have to let us know.
So, to summarize:
• If you pre-registered to PC, tell me which PC you are using, and which group you are with
• Everyone you list in your group has to have pre-registered. If they haven’t, they may have an opportunity later if we haven’t hit our 70 PC limit
• If you don’t have a party planned right now, post in the comments and let’s figure out where to put you
• Poke your friends who don’t check facebook
• You must respond by July 26th. We will have a week to add people who still want to register if there are spaces available, and parties will be decided by August 1st
• If you’re NPCing the whole thing, it’s very appreciated, keep doing your awesome thing 1f642.png

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We are opening up the last 13 spots for registration! Post below if you would like to fill one of the slots. The $40 registration fee should be given to me or Chris, or sent in via paypal.

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