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Leroy Jenkins

Hoard In The Box

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So this is an upgraded version of  the idea I had the last time I npc'ed. This was a certaint mage's birthday and I gave the shift lead this idea to send a bogart into town with a birthday gift for him that would strait up explode in his face which worked out better then I thought it would. So this new idea involves a magiclaly traped box. It could be a chest or a legit jack in the box (if they exist in the new world ofcorse) a powerful bogart mage trapped a random hoard that would be released upon opening said box. You could use a chest with an alarm witch the hiding npcs would call time stop as the random hoard sets up where the box was opened. The hoard could be undead, orks, bodaks, casvacks, pretty much anything. So what are your thoughts😁😁😁

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