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Ryan Staring

Logistics Changes

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Good Afternoon Novitas!

I hope everyone had a great event. With the conclusion of the Harvest Fest, I wanted to make a few announcements regarding upcoming changes. 

Effective immediately, preproduction will be open until 2 weeks after each event. Once this window closes, players will have to wait until the following event to produce (that means if you don't use your production,  you lose it!). Players can submit thier production here:



Starting November event, we will attempt shift caps. The way this will work is once sign-in opens, Logs will allow players to select whatever shifts they want. However once a shift reaches an arbitrary number, that shift will close, barring additional PCs from populating that shift. The goal is to give players the freedom to play when they want, while maintaining a healthy ratio of PCs and NPCs.


Q: I live 4 hours away. Does that mean I'm stuck with whatever is left? 

A: No. You can preregister for game by sending your money to:


Include your name, what event you are paying for, and when you plan to PC. Please send a screenshot of the receipt to Logistics@mvgc.net so I can add you to the shift and mark you as paid for the event. If the shift is already filled, I'll tell you what is available.


I will answer any questions, comments,  or concerns below.

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Please note that you MUST send proof of prereg to Ryan. I am NOT going to forward them on, that's just a pain in my ass and I don't have time for it. 

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