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2020 Event Dates

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Feb 7-8-9
April 10-11-12 Cancelled
May 1-2-3 Cancelled
June 5-6-7

July 11th - Delta Lake State Park Cancelled
August 7-8-9 
September 4-5-6 Cancelled
October 9-10-11 Cancelled
November 6-7-8 Cancelled
December 4-5-6 Cancelled

We are going to skip the January and March events this year. They are VERY sparsely attended )50 players or less) and we lose money on those events, so we're going to skip them this year and see how it goes. This was the regular practice back in the Vanderkamp days. February will still be the Founder's Feast - shifts 1 and 2 will be normal shifts, and 3-4 will be an in-character feast and Chinese auction.



August 8th

September 6th

November 7th

December 5th

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6 hours ago, Morgan Myriad said:

Is the founders feast open to new players/npc's?

All of our events are!

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UPDATE: All events until February 2021 are cancelled. Please see the NEW online event dates above. Check us out on Facebook for more information there. https://www.facebook.com/kingdomsofnovitas/

Also, click this link for more information regarding our decision, some info about our online events, and Dungeon Crawl status: http://kingdomsofnovitas.net/regarding-our-2020-event-dates/


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