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Ryan Staring

2020 Founder's Feast Auction Items

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Founder's Feast 2020 Items!

Just as in previous years, we auction items off in order to fund our Larp and make it bigger and better. As always, these items are subject to change, as there are often clarifications and other stuff that can/will be addressed as the needs arise.

We're having both a Traditional Auction (item goes to the highest bidder) and a Chinese Auction (put tickets into a bag, we draw a ticket and the winner gets the item). 

Please ask any and all questions about the items in the comments below. 

Traditional Auction

  1. The Crimson Blade of Carcosia
    • Non-Martial Mageblade Ax, Hits ONLY EVER for 2 Pierce (except for masterstrike), disrupts magic barriers 2/gd.
    • Description: Wielded by Varrik Consolati in the Battle of Carcosia, one of the defining fights in the Vleanoan revolution.  It was lost sometime before he became an Avatar of the Soldier.
  2. Gift of the Asteri
    • Martial Sword, hits ONLY EVER for 2 Slay (except for masterstrike), Master’s blade, grants user +2 Natural Armor (does not stack w/ other sources of Natural Armor).
    • Description: A month after the great battle with the sky beasts outside of Maplewood, this sword materialized in the exact spot the illustrious visitor vanished from.
  3. The Stranger’s Kiss
    • Dagger, Casts Reap Spirit 3/gd, always does Smite on KB. Dagger can carry an extra spark. (You can carry 1 Spark; the dagger carries 1 Spark).
    • Description: This blade is so deadly it can kill nearly any creature, with only the most dangerous of monsters capable of resisting it's final cut.
  4. Centurion’s Plate
    • 6 pts monstrous Lorica Segmentata. Casts Mend Armor 3/gd, No Effect first Pierce damage 1/gd.
    • Description: Created in the towers of Magehall, this armor is most commonly given to the leaders of Civen's armies or other extremely noteworthy warriors who serve Civen with distinguishment.
  5. Crown of the Archmage
    • Circlet that makes all magic armor on wearer monstrous.
    • Description: Forged by a lost art from Nalbendel, the few of these remaining are prized possessions of the mages of Evenandra.
  6. The Scoundrel’s Belt
    • Wearer is Immune to ALL traps (including spears, pit traps, etc), grants 2+ Natural Armor.
    • Description: Discovered in the Fae Realm hidden underneath a picnic blanket.

Chinese Auction

  1. Crystal Ball
    • 1 Extra lore per month, no background for Questions needed.
    • Description: An ancient tribe of nomadic Dellans honed this orb's ability to see through centuries of rituals and dedication. Questions are answered, sometimes with great accuracy, and sometimes with only flashes of images granting the slightest hint of inspiration on where to seek answers.
  2. The Scout's Raiment
    • Shirt that can stack magic and improved magic armor, breaks cap (synchronize gives you +6 magic armor).
    • Description: Woven of the rarest of plants in the Great Forest, these shirts are in high demand among Wildrunners who want to be well protected and still travel light.
  3. Ring of Draconic Might
    • Slotless Ring, grants +2 damage on all thrown damage tagbags generated by spells.
    • Description: Centuries of the experimentation of obscure draconic cults have led to the creation of this, a celebration of excess... damage.
  4. Ring of Devastation
    • Slotless Ring, Casts Devastation 1/gd.
    • Description: A favored tool of assassins of all varieties. Easy to conceal, and quick to deploy a ring such as this has earned great notoriety among those with sinister aims.
  5. The Gershan Courtesan's Boon 
    • Necklace/Choker. Wearer is immune to ingested poisons. Wearer can No Effect the first poison damage they receive 1/gd.
    • Description: Perfect for downing lots of wine and never getting drunk.  Especially when you never know who you can trust.
  6. Boots of Exploration
    • Buy your own boots, receive 3 times the XP for them, plus make it a 32pt item.
    • Description: Who knows what you'll learn when you experience exploring exponentially in these exquisite boots.
  7. The Apprentice's Rod
    • Slotless 2nd level Prismatic Rod.
    • Description: Knowledge of 2nd level spells has proven highly conducive to apprentices surviving long enough to become masters.
  8. Scroll of 40 pt item
    • Make your own 40 pt item!
  9. Scroll of Feb Feast
    • Turn your cool item into a Feb Feast item!
  10. The Dungeon's Trove
    • Box of coin and consumables.
    • Description: It's unclear exactly WHICH dungeon this money came out of, but it must have been left over in some dungeon or another, probably behind some terrible trap involving flashing lights.
  11. Amalgamate Scroll
    • Smash your two favorite magic items of the same type (sword, hat, etc) into one REALLY cool item, plus give it the Feb Feast quality!
  12. Bracers of Shielding
    • Wearer gets 4 points of floating armor.
    • Description: The Terran woman who crafted these bracers comes from a wonderfully talented clan composed exclusively of women, hidden away for generations deep inside of Terra.

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