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Ryan Staring

February Logistics Announcements

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Hello Novitas!

As promised at Founder's Feast, here are the Logistics changes for 2020:

Shift Caps:

As discussed in the previous Logistics Announcement, we attempted to try something new to balance PCs and NPCs: Shift Caps. 

After discussing this change with other Staff, Shift Caps will become the new normal.

Additionally, we will be making one change to Shift Caps; moving forward, Groups can become divided if caps are met. This means the best way to ensure your group stays together is to either arrive to sign in eary and together, or preregister. 


As a reminder, preproduction closes approximately 2 weeks before event. Please check the production section of the forums for these postings, as these are the offical means of submitting Preproduction. 



I appreciate your patience in dealing with these changes. They are always made in the best interest of all players. Should you ever have any questions, comments, concerns, or suggestions for us, please reach out to a Marshal and they will make sure your voice is heard. 

Thank you, 

Ryan Staring 

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