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Zoombilee Auction

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Hello everyone,

2020 Zoombilee Auction Items are up!

Just as in previous years, we auction items off in order to fund our Larp and make it bigger and better. As always, these items are subject to change, as there are often clarifications and other stuff that can/will be addressed as the needs arise.

We're only having a Traditional Auction (item goes to the highest bidder) at Zoombilee. Please ask any and all questions about the items in the comments below. 

Items are not listed in the order they’ll be auctioned off. 

Archmage's Belt:  Twice per game day you get a Prismatic level 5 spell

Bangle of Preservation: -Bracelet - Every 10 minutes you receive: Improved Magic Armor, Enhance Armor, Mend Armor. Incant is needed. Self only. 

Loremaster's Tome: Phonebook - Accessory Slot. One level three Prismatic spell 1/GD. You can use: ID Magic, Estimate Value, Herbalism without the skill. Pedagogical title of your choice (Plot Approval Pending). 

Blossoming Coin:  Exotic Coin - gain 1  free Exotic coin every game at sign in. (slotless)

The Ring of Godly Intercession: **UPDATED**  Ring -  The purchaser of this ring will receive a personal RP arc, written and managed by plot. Tread carefully mortal…the gods have noticed you.

Scutum Annihilator:  Hammer - Casts Enchant Weapon, Elemental Weapon, Silver Shine, and Creeping Rot 1/GD. The weapon can always swing for Acid damage. If swung for Acid damage, you must swing for 2 damage. (Blue Paint)

Gift of the Dragon:  Sword - Speak Draconic, Mageblade, Breathing Fire ritual 1/GD (self only), Elemental Immunity. Cast Primal Form 1/GD. “Breath of Draconus” Whenever you receive a torso wound and the moon is visible in the sky, you receive the effects of Second Breath.  1/GD. 

Blue bag:  Invisible bag that only the owner can see, cannot be looted

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