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Airsoft: Operation: Homer

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Date: October 13

Time: Arrive by 11 AM, take the field by 12 Noon. Anyone arriving later will be forced to fight for their lives in the Arena of Doom. Organized action should conclude around 5 PM.

Cost: $20 Money from this event will be donated to the USO.

Factions: GI JOE vs. COBRA

Uniform reqs: Think back to the cartoon series. If you're too young, Youtube it. Come as your favorite Joe or Cobra character, or invent your own. Try to think of things that look cool, but have no real purpose. BDU trousers, but a sports jersey shirt. A bright blue uniform. A football helmet instead of a K-pot. A Ninja. Instead of a balaclava wear a towel with eye holes over your goggles. Just try not to wear a standard, boring old BDUs. Unless you've got a really nifty hat to wear as well. No red hats or orange vests. They could be confused with neutrality colors.




The town of Springfield USA was like any other middle America town. Peaceful. Serene. Utterly ordinary. Well, that's what Cobra Commander wanted everyone to think. In reality, Springfield was a front for a massive, hidden Cobra base. When GI Joe learned of this, they mounted a successful attack on Springfield driving Cobra out. The ruins of Springfield rapidly became overgrown as the conflict between GI Joe and Cobra moved on.


But the ruins are not as peaceful as they seem. Deep underground one of Cobra's experiments has come back to life. An AI computer system in control of massive firepower and a diabolical psychological weapon. Recently the system, codenamed "WATCHDOG BLUE" became active. Realizing that it has a limited power supply it scanned the area for an additional source of energy. It found that power in the belly of several cargo planes flying overhead. The planes were efficiently brought down scattering their cargo over a wide area.


The cargo planes belonged to the weapons dealer Destro and contained parts for a new laser system that he was planning to test then sell to the highest bidder. Both GI Joe and Cobra will stop at nothing to either get their hands on the technology or make sure the other can't.


Due to WATCHDOG BLUE's defensive capabilities the use of aircraft and vehicles is too dangerous. This will have to be fought the old fashioned way, on foot.


Further information will be provided at the mission briefing. Standard WNYAL FPS rules apply. There will not be any sniper positions available for this event.


As was previously stated, money raised at this event will be donated to the USO. The USO is an organization which is dedicated to improving the morale of American soldiers, sailors, marines and airmen around the world. They arrange for entertainers to visit the troops, and help to keep them in touch with their families at home through telephone, internet and email access at USO facilities around the world. That's just a short list. Take a look over at the USO's website to see all that this money will be going towards. ( http://uso.org/ )


This is a great way to show our support and appreciation to our men and women in uniform. The more people who come out to play, the more we can give, so if you're thinking that maybe you can't afford I, just think how much this will mean to someone who is somewhere far from home. Remember, each of us may only give a little, but if a lot of use chip in we can all do a lot


I am leading the OMG COBRA NINJA SWAT TEAM for the day. This is a game that requires no experience or gear, just dress in black to join my team and let me know if you need a gun. The USO is a great organization, come on out and help us support them.

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Where is this event held, Dave?

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It's at the main WNYAL field in Hunter's Creek, NY. That's about 40 mins south-south-east of Buffalo. Probably 2.5 hours drive from Syracuse, I make it there from Utica in 3+.


I have room in my car for at least two if people want to go. As long as you can get to a Thruway exit west of Utica (or just to my house) you're welcome to ride along. I also have extra guns and gear, just bring good boots, the field fee ($20 by tomorrow, $30 before the game or $40 at the door) and $15 for ammo. You don't need to pre-pay to lock in the low price, just pre-register.

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