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Happy Homeowners

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I know there's a few of us that own rather than rent our dwellings. Often, such a person will find himself in need of a tool or an item they do not posses, generally for a single use, and you do not wish to purchase such an item. This thread is for people to ask for and offer up such items, to wit:




I have a Briggs & Stratton 2000 psi gas powered pressure washer with a Dewalt sprayer. I use it about once a year to wash the house and foundation. I am done with that project as of right now for this year. Anyone needs to borrow this fine piece of machinery, let me know.


I have two (2) seven foot stepladders. Need to borrow one (both)? Just ask.





I am in need of an extendable ladder that will reach my second story windows. Diana desires the shutters to be painted, which requires their removal. I cannot reach them. Helps?

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If you want to talk about single use items....I'm looking around for a post-hole digger to set some footers in the backyard with, is this a tool sombody has kicking around?



8ft Mike

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