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Shopping List - Shields

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Short List


Home Depot:

Plywood core


Mounting hardware for handle

T-nuts and bolts for arm strap

Adhesive (plus brushes if using DAP)



Camp mat

Hockey tape


Jo-Ann Fabrics

Open cell foam





1 Core. This can be plywood, metal, plastic, whatever. I suggest aluminum if you can get it, otherwise 3/8" plywood should be fine. Aluminum saucer sleds, boogie boards, pickle barrel and other stuff is also used. I have a circular saw to cut plywood with if needed.


Camp Mat. You need enough to cover the front of the shield three times, more or less. My big shield took three camp mats, with a good bit of waste and leftover. You need big huge pieces to cover the front, and big long strips to cover the edges, and you can't really use smaller sections - so it takes a lot. Luckily, they're still about $5 each as Wal*Mart.


Open Cell Foam. You need a single piece of 1" thick foam big enough to cover the entire front of the shield plus like 2" in each dimension, and then some to pad the sides too - a 2" strip all the way around. They sell this at Jo-Ann Fabrics, but it's pricey. The foam for my shield was $40 - but they gave me a coupon for 50% off any one item - ask them for one of those! (Also, I bought the wrong foam - I bought 2" thick :) ) This foam is light green, and it's back in the upholstery fabric section of the store (back right corner in the New Hartford store).


1 Handle. I suggest the black metal barn door handles at Home Depot. Make sure it has enough depth that you will be able to fit your whole hand under it when it's mounted, otherwise we have to shim it, which is a pain.




Mounting hardware - handle. Get some bolts long enough to mount your handle. For nuts, I suggest self-locking nuts, the kind with the nylon washer built in. Like skateboard truck hardware. Better you buy the bolts too long than too short - we can cut and grind them off with little effort, but we can't make them longer.


Mounting hardware - arm strap. If your shield core is plywood, I suggest T-nuts:




You can get them easily at Home Depot. I will supply you with a nice leather arm strap for your shield. I need about $10 for materials (leather and solid brass buckle) to cover that. If you don't want that, you'll need to come up with something else for an arm strap - but the big leather cuff works best. If you're making a buckler that will strap to your arm, you'll need either a heavy leather bracer, or we need to make one. Again, gimme $10 for materials and we'll bang one out.


Adhesive. You can do this with DAP or 3M spray adhesive. The spray is MUCH faster, but it's also more expensive. I used Hi-Strength 90 spray, but I'm told the Super 77 works well too. I used two cans of the Hi-Strength 90 on my shield, but it's huge. If yours is smaller, maybe one can will work. If you choose DAP, get some foam brushes too. Dap should be sufficient for bucklers.


Cover. You'll need a yard or two of black duck cloth. It's about $7 a yard at Jo-Ann Fabrics for the stupid heavy stuff (which is what you want - avoid the $2 a yard Wal*Mart shit). If you want a stripe or something on yours, look in the remnants for something suitable. That red stripe on mine is a $.99 piece of red polyester. I have thread and a sewing machine, so no worries there. Also get a big-ass shoelace or a piece of paracord or something if your shield core isn't wood to lace it on with. If it's wood, we'll just staple the cover to the core.


Hockey tape. Used to reinforce the seams. Don't use duct tape, as it doesn't hold the adhesive nearly as well.

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Note: Super 77 works good, and it's cheaper than Hi-Strength 90, and you only need one can for a big-ass shield. We used that for Brett's shield tonight, no problems.

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