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Shopping List - Red Weapon / Spear

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Short List



Color Guard Flag Staff (colloquially, a Bandshoppe pole)



Hockey Tape

Camp Mat (red weapon only)

Hollow pool noodle

Nerf football (spear only)


Jo-Ann Fabrics

Open Cell Foam

Cloth for cover


Home Depot







1 Bandshoppe pole. If you're in Utica, I have one of these for you, and you owe me $16. :)


Hockey Tape. It holds glue good. Get some.


Camp Mat. One roll is plenty. You don't need any if you're just making a stabby spear that you're not swinging.


Pool Noodle. Try to get an octagonal or round one, and it needs a hole in the center. If you can't find one, get 2-3 pieces of the thickest pipe insulation you can find at Home Depot. Get the kind for 1" pipe.


Nerf Football. If you're making a spear, or a stabby Red, we'll tip them with half footballs. So, really, you only need half a football. Plan accordingly. :)


Open Cell foam. I have enough of this for a red or a spear in the house already. Don't worry about buying any if you're not making a shield. If you are making a shield too, get some extra for this.


Cloth. A yard should be plenty. Please choose grey or silver cloth, making sure it has no metallic fibers (this is very unlikely anyways, but had to be said). I can sew the cover.


Adhesive. A single can of 3M Super 77 or Hi-Strength 90 from Home Depot will probably make several weapons. You can use DAP too, but it takes longer, gets everyone high and doesn't work as well. Buy foam brushes if you're using DAP.

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