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[Battle Magic] Battle Mastery's duration is too short

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Compare with greater enchant weapon.


Both "give" +1 damage

One hits for elven steel

one lets you use any weapon


Dispel removes battle mastery, greater enchant weapon is there until someone disarms you, and then it's still on the weapon.


I see potential cheese going on with picking one, thus why I'd like to see this as a self-only buff.

If I have martial weapon training, thrown weapon training, and two-hand weapon training, and I cast battle mastery for Great Weapon, do I now hit for 2 with everything?


That is how it now stands.

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If we make it all day, all weapons, and still +1 magic damage, I'd like to see it changed to a self-only spell. The problem however is that we don't have such a thing. :)

Ley Lines is self only.


After re-thinking it I'd be fine with all weapons, GD, +1 Magic, if it was self-only and lvl 5.

It can be dispelled, people still need to provide/carry weapons if they want versatility. Its a cool spell and really awesome thematically. Can we do that?

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Dont see why not- its just a change of a line in the spell description- I don't think their was ever a rule against making an effect self buffing only- its just that we have not had a reason to do it before.

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